s mentioned the starry sky again, saying that the situation there is more complicated, more interesting, and more dangerous than I imagined. He said that even the angels of Sequence 2 and Sequence 1 actually do not have enough knowledge of the starry sky. He has a general understanding, but he doesn’t know that besides dangers, there are many, many other things there. If he hadn’t once known an existence who was good at roaming the stars and knew a lot of things from him, he wouldn’t be able to say what he is saying now. Discourse.

“I was curious but without much expectation asked who the being who was good at roaming the starry sky was. “Mr. Hermes didn’t hide it, he said it was Mr. Bethel Abraham, the ‘Gate’. “Mr. […]

d short red lines on his face, followed up and said:

“Lord Daniz, according to feedback from our intelligence personnel, the current situation in Bayam is very chaotic. Both the Church of Storms and the people in the Governor’s Mansion are anxious because Feysac’s army has […]

ols, and hung with gorgeous accessories.

His eyes were still cold, not as hazy and dull as most extraordinary people’s dreams. “Audience” also belongs to the path related to “Sea of ??Chaos”, and its sequence 5 is called “Dream Walker”, and […]

ime with the ambassador. Find someone.

In this way, Klein will be safer. “It feels like walking on a tightrope. Could this be the clown’s special physique?” He laughed and shook his head. He opened the bay window and wanted to […]