.” Zhao Xinxin sneered, “Mr. Kong, right? Do you think that a mere Fan Han can take charge of such a big thing as the sneak attack on Xuannv Palace?” Kong Shujie said Suddenly speechless, […]

e sword steadily and sharply. At this time, when playing the piano, he can catch up with the rhythm of the bell spirit. One person plays the piano, one moves and one still, but It is an unparalleled fit and a natural rhythm. Even the lightning ferret lying on one side was intoxicated by the beauty at this moment. He put down his usual vigilance and let his feline instincts take over. He lay lazily beside the fire and slowly narrowed his eyelids.

Finally, he even turned over, revealing his gray-white belly, like a bored and wanton indulgence. “Ah, I can’t bear to live in this world. Ah, I can’t escape the joy of infatuated love Ah, I […]