nto In a voodoo doll.

nto In a voodoo doll. As the reincarnated body of a god and demon, Deklise has derived an independent soul, but it is still essentially connected to the soul of the god and demon of […]

ician by transforming into the frost element? The huge gap in strength cannot be made up by an explosion. This is a gap in strength, just like an adult soldier and a newborn baby. Even if the baby bursts out with the strength to feed, it will only be scratched by the adult soldier. It’s itchy.

Of course, considering the relationship between the other party and Joey, Darren did not use all his strength in this grasp, otherwise, he might directly crush the other party to death with this grasp. I […]

udong! !

udong! ! Lin Xin’s belly was pushed forward into a large ball, and an angry face appeared on the surface of the ball. “Fight the Yuan Mother.” Lin Xinyun started the core magic elixir of […]


utes. “Are you from the Yuandou Demon Sect?” Zhou Huaishe’s eyes were like those of a lion, giving people an indescribable mania. Lin Xin’s Confucian robe was blown up by the strong wind brought by […]

shot towards both ends.

shot towards both ends. The two holy bodies above their heads also collapsed. The golden light, black energy and blood also dissipated and calmed down. “Withered Sky Star Destroyer! Hehehe! It’s really powerful. I was […]