ut its descendants failed to live up to expectations. Now it is a semi-reclusive family, with only four or five real people in the family.

ut its descendants failed to live up to expectations. Now it is a semi-reclusive family, with only four or five real people in the family.
The Ji family has a very good relationship with the Qu Adu family. They are both semi-hidden families. The Du family is much better than the Ji family, but they are not superior.
This time when Li Yongsheng entered Yuzhou, Du Jingjing greeted the clan members and asked them to introduce their family members to cooperate.
In fact, the Du family can produce a few real people, but the Ninth Princess wants to work hard in Kuaiji, and needs the cooperation of the local families.
The real person who came here was named Ji Qiang. He was a worshiper of a carriage and horse racing company. He was very familiar with the whole of Yuzhou. He was also very brave. He had served in the border army incognito for many years.
When Li Yongsheng entered Yuzhou, Zhao Xinxin also sent people to Kuaiji to escort Peng Ze Navy, but she couldn’t let go.
/The Ninth Princess herself is in charge of Thunder Valley. At the same time, she also has our restaurant in Zhuque City. The disciples of Xuannv Palace will not follow her to Kuaiji, so this time she sent Zhang Laoshi, Tianmu Shuangsha, and Lin Erhe Fang Zhenren.
Among them, Master Fang is from Tianji Palace and is also responsible for communicating with the local government. The others are just thugs.
The number of people was a bit small, but we really couldn’t send more people. The Gongsun family all followed Gongsun Buqi away. She Chongfeng also went north to celebrate the certification of Scholar Huyan. With the certification of the two certificates, Lei Gu’s strength was greatly reduced.
Even so, Zhao Xinxin still hopes that Li Yongsheng can take away two more people, because she has already considered that at worst, when the time comes to take action, summoning Suzaku to come out to help will not be worth a few real people?
Fairy Yongxin is a female cultivator. Her thoughts are different from Immortal Yongsheng. She will not consider using Suzaku too much because she will lose face – I am willing to use you because I am giving you face.
But Li Yongsheng refused. He felt that one person was enough to come to Yuzhou. Later, he had no choice but to bring the blood slaves. Together with the Ji Qiang found from Yuzhou, it was considered three real people, which was barely enough.
Although it was the first time Ji Zhenren came into contact with them, he had already heard of Lei Gu’s name. In addition, because of the Du family’s reputation, he was very respectful to Li Yongsheng along the way.
After galloping for a while, two spies came back from the front and said, “There is no one in Xiaojing Village anymore. Even the wells have been filled in. It is best to find a shady place to hit the tip and wait until it gets a little cooler before rushing on.
” After Li Yongsheng ordered, he nodded directly, “There is a small valley fifty miles away with a mountain spring inside. Let’s rush there and rest.”
Now that it was decided, the