l and death. With no burial place to die, even at the level of the Five Emperors, one must be careful in his words and deeds.

Seven hundred and twenty-three eager to try
But Zhenren Wang didn’t care. Not only the Five Emperors had guessed this, but Wang Meng also knew in his heart that the person who could reach this level in this world was most likely the Three Immortals, who were the most suspicious. Even if they weren’t them, they definitely knew about it. , follow the clues and you will always find the mastermind behind the scenes.
For Wang Meng, finding this hidden enemy is undoubtedly a step closer to his goal. The God-conferring Tower itself should have a history, and there may be some clues in the way of controlling it.
/Same thing, Wang Meng needs to improve his cultivation as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, he doesn’t need these five little guys at all, but at critical moments, the five little guys may be of great help.
Who would have thought that Golden Wolf was Wang Rencai, who was once known as the best loser in the Great Zhou Dynasty?
And somewhere in the space of the gods, there was a sigh.
“what a pity.”
“We need to find this golden wolf and deal with him before we can start.”
“There is no one in this world that we can’t find. There is a way to make him appear automatically.”
“Haha, things are getting a little interesting.”
The sound gradually faded, and then disappeared without a trace, as if nothing happened, and this failure was just a small episode.
Six Emperors Battle Tower Ninety should have ended in failure, but the changes in the God-Selfing Tower really frightened many monks, and they were also full of curiosity. Obviously, Tower Ninety may contain greater secrets. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like this. It’s just that the strength of the six emperors ended in failure. You can imagine how terrible this is.
Various rumors and news spread throughout the continent. The only significance of this tower battle was to establish Golden Wolf’s status as the new emperor. The Five Emperors recognized him quite a bit, but no one knew who Golden Wolf was.
Wang Meng did not give up on the God-Selfing Tower because of his 90-year experience. On the contrary, he was more interested. On the one hand, the experience of the five little guys still required the God-Selfing Tower. Any monk, even the one who controlled the God-Selfing Tower. It is impossible to control the details. Obviously, this God-conferring Tower was discovered by some people and found a way to use it. That’s it. If it were completely controlled, they would not be able to escape. Then again, He is back and can make such a terrifying artifact. The power is definitely beyond this plane, and there is no need to rely on any artifacts at all.
/The five little guys have been supplemented by a large amount of beast crystals, and each one is full of power. Ninety percent has reached the peak of rank five. The other four little guys have also easily entered rank five, and their power is definitely not comparable to rank five. Th