e Qiu Xiaoluan has met Wang…Uncle.” Qiu Xiaoluan felt aggrieved. Who is this person? A holy cultivator. What should he give advice to?

“Ahem, Lao Ling, aren’t you calling me old?”
“Haha, brother, there is no need to be shy. You are my friend, and you are the law enforcement elder of the temple. If you are willing to answer her, it will be considered as giving me face.”
Ling Dushan said, half truthfully and half falsely. Although he didn’t understand why the old man let Wang Meng join the holy church lineage, he must have a deep meaning, and he didn’t believe that Wang Meng knew nothing about the way of evil cultivation.
The law enforcement elder of the temple?
Everyone was shocked again. It was easy to be a disciple of the Holy Temple, but it was equally difficult to be an elite disciple. Just like the threshold of Daoguang Hall was high, it was even more difficult to become an elder of the Holy Temple than other sects.
/Ning Zhiyuan can be said to be the number one person in the Nine Branches of the Holy Church, but he has only been promoted to elder after so many years.
Qiu Xiaoluan was also stunned, “Aren’t you a disciple of Lei Guang Hall? How did you become an elder?”
Ling Dushan’s eyes widened. This girl was neither big nor small. He stared at her, which startled Qiu Xiaoluan.
Wang Meng smiled bitterly, “Brother, we all do our own thing, so don’t mess around with seniority.”
“I said, Lao Ling, don’t be too careful. Brother Wang’s affection is all for Miss Yang Ying. Alas, I have searched all over the Lihuo Sect and there is no such charming woman.”
It was really hilarious that Kui Gang, a big boss, said such words, but others were greatly unhappy, and Long Xi was definitely the most unhappy.
The reason he could tolerate it in the first two days was that he didn’t treat Wang Meng as a green onion at all. Of course, he didn’t intend to let him go. Once the birthday banquet was over, he had to deal with Wang Meng no matter what.
But now this unattractive thing is getting more and more popular. Where is this place?
This is Tianxin Castle, and the ancestors are still there. Even the three sects and five sects have to give face. What a bullshit elder, he doesn’t take it seriously at all. How can he compare with him, the young master of Tianxin Castle, who will inherit in the future? The people who hold the position of leader of the Eight Great Forts have really been working hard these days, but these two old guys in front of them are also shameless. When will it be their turn to make irresponsible remarks about the affairs of Tianxin Fort? They are just the elders of the two factions, not the sect masters. So what if they are the sect masters? They have people in Tianxin Castle.
When he thought of this, Long Xi became more confident.
“Senior Ling, what you said is wrong. Yang Ying is a direct disciple of my Tianxin Fort. Her foster father should make the final decision on her marriage. How can this be a child’s play? I don’t think any sect can break this rule and morality.”
Long Xi said, his attitu