terpret the truth, “It was his chance to meet Master Fang. I, Xuannv Palace, dare not take the credit.”

terpret the truth, “It was his chance to meet Master Fang. I, Xuannv Palace, dare not take the credit.”
/In fact, after listening to what Li Yongsheng said, she could almost You can guess why the nine-tailed fox flags are flying – it must be related to what the white tiger is trying to do.
Of course, she cannot let others suspect Xian Jun. This is not only a matter of leaking secrets, but also affects her exclusive resources – it is best that none of you think of Li Yongsheng.
At noon the next day, snowflakes started to fall in the sky again, and Master Fang also flew over from the top of the mountain at this time.
He looked calm, neither sad nor happy, but many people still noticed that his mood was a bit low.
But what to say? Zhenren Fang didn’t have many close friends among Li Yongsheng’s group – the others were either from the Dao Palace or from the hidden family, and he was the only one from the Tianji Palace.
If you want to find another person with official status, it would be a small official in the Yande Office of Bo Ling Jiao Hua Fang.
So although many people felt strange, no one really stepped forward to ask him: What opportunity did you get yesterday, and why did you look so unhappy?
Seeing the snowflakes falling, Li Yongsheng said goodbye. This time he came to Shenlu Mountain just for a casual walk. Unexpectedly, he not only saw the white tiger, but also solved the problem of the fox flag by accident, which was a big gain.
When he came to Erlang Temple again, Master Fang was obviously not in a hurry anymore. If he kept urging, the ancestors on the fox streamers would leave the Fang family faster. At this moment, he wished he could find some way to stop time.
After Ding Qinglian and the others refined the captured real person and asked Zhu Erhuan to help activate it, it was time for Li Yongsheng and the others to leave.
At this time, there was vague news outside that someone had gone to the Crescent Kingdom to capture the real person. Some people also said that in the Crescent Kingdom recently, more than ten real people had disappeared and their whereabouts were unknown
. The people who sent the message could not understand what they were saying. Make a wink and make a face: you get the idea.
After Li Yongsheng heard this rumor, he was even a little worried about Zhu Erhuan. He went to Zhu Erhuan specifically: You must be careful when you come in and out – many people know that you have mastered the activation method.
He even regretted teaching Erlang Miao this method.
Zhu Zhu didn’t care much about this. He said simply: Zisun Temple and Zhenshen Sect were originally at odds with each other, but Zhenshen Sect dared to attack Gongsun Buqi, who was about to prove his true identity, on the territory of Erlang Temple. This was Erlang Temple’s shame cannot be wiped away!
What’s more, Zhu Erhuan himself almost died in that battle.
Therefore, the sneak attack by the True God Sect not only made the Gongsun family hate them to the bone, but the Erlang Temple also fought against the