l be suppressed.” Ling Fei’s eyesight is quite good. Ling Fei can recognize things that Zhenren Wang can’t understand at a glance, including the Flower Fairy Sword. A sect with a long history, the disciples it cultivates are extraordinary.

Ji Rushan’s eyes flashed with gold, “Otherwise, as long as the cultivation level reaches a certain level, the double hammer shock can activate the forbidden magic array. If you enter the Great Perfection”
/It is conceivable that under the shock of Suoming’s double hammers, the forbidden magic array on the life weapon was triggered. Apart from physical training, it became a gourd and could be picked at will.
Unless someone is strong enough to fight against the Forbidden Magic Formation, such a person is very rare.
Suoming scratched his head, “Why didn’t I think of that?”
Ji Rushan’s casual words made Suo Ming suddenly realize that what he had been thinking about recently was how to hit the opponent, but in fact, if the opponent is prepared, this is not an easy task. In addition to the ability of the life weapon, in other aspects , Suoming is not dominant.
This is also the reason why they came to the Cultivation Academy, and they still need further training.
Including Hu Jing and others, the icon is available, but how strong is its real combat effectiveness?
Four hundred and sixty-three: avoid the truth and turn to the imaginary
Wang Meng really shouldn’t be overestimated. This is different from Wang Meng. The battles and training he has experienced are unimaginable to others.
After the party, Wang Meng rushed back to the Killing Space. He was not as leisurely as Ji Rushan and Ling Fei. He had enough time to do his own things. As the sect leader and a member of Xueyue City, he had to bear his own responsibilities. Responsibility.
And this responsibility may be a bit heavy for Wang Meng now.
The first mission he had to take part in when he came to Xueyue City had already arrived.
For the top experts of various sects, if they want to go further at their level, the relationship with resources is not so obvious, except for special artifacts. The most important thing is understanding, and to improve the strength of the sect. , we must spend our attention on the younger generation of successors.
This most traditional inheritance of sects comes from the most important part of the progress of human monks, which even the Covenant cannot touch.
Wang Meng’s appearance, especially some things, deeply stimulated Zou Chuang. For Zou Chuang, he has never been as eager to fight and defeat someone as he is now.
There is something unique about Wang Meng, something opposite to him. Zou Chuang likes to be alone and quiet, but he is not withdrawn. It is just that he cannot be as enthusiastic as ordinary people. The enthusiasm in Wang Meng is what he yearns for, but it is not suitable for him. , the recognition of Wang Meng by the sect master and the three supreme elders really stimulated the proud part of Zou Chuang. Zou Chuang had never obeyed anyone.
Without fighting, it was obvious tha