00 Tianfang people among the slaves – they were prisoners of war captured by Ivan.

00 Tianfang people among the slaves – they were prisoners of war captured by Ivan.
Eighty percent of the Tianfang people were True God believers, and what was even more strange was that there were more than ten Rouran people who helped them put in good words, and one of them turned out to be a high-level cultivator.
They said that Rouran and Tianfang people must unite to resist the evil Ivan.
Li Yongsheng was too lazy to care at all and just glanced at Zhu Erhuan and said, “You take care of this matter.”
Zhu Zhu knew the details of Guanfengshi very well, so he waved his hand and announced loudly in Rouran dialect, “Rouran people only Believe in Buddhism, believe in the true God and the salvation of the teachings
/, and they will be reborn in the paradise world!” There were more than two thousand Rouran slaves outside the city, and there were seven or eight hundred people present. When they heard this, their blood boiled, “Death! The true god believers must Die!”
In fact, the Rouran people really don’t care about faith. They only know that we were saved by the tribe today, so everyone will accept whatever the tribe says.
At this moment, two more people flew out of the city, one of them was Gongsun Weiming, and he was carrying someone in his hand.
He looked around and felt Li Yongsheng’s aura, which came directly from him.
Li Yongsheng frowned and his nose twitched, “The wind is blowing, why don’t you hear from Lord Ding Jing and the others?”
Chapter 774: The Last Fortress
How pointed are Gongsun Weiming’s ears? He flew in front of Li Yongsheng and said with a smile, “It’s great when the wind blows, just in time to burn this wretched place to the ground.” ”
What are you thinking about all day long?” Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes at him angrily, “The wind comes from the north. Come on, do you understand?”
Gongsun Weiming blinked before speaking in shock, “You mean it’s going to snow?”
“It’s very likely to snow,” Li Yongsheng frowned and pondered, ” By the way, why is there no news about Ding Jingzhu? Come here now and tell me how the battle is going in the church?”
“What can be the problem? Those are four real people from the Dao Palace,” Gongsun Weiming replied disapprovingly, then shook his hand, “Yongsheng, look, I captured a real person alive.”
Li Yongsheng was not happy when he heard that. “What kind of real person is captured alive? It’s over if you kill him. You have been tossing in the City Lord’s Mansion for so long, and you still have the intention to capture a real person alive?” ”
This is what I captured alive in the City Lord’s Mansion. “A real person,” Gongsun Weiming laughed dryly, “Isn’t it that I was thinking, can you make a puppet? Help me refine it?”
Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes when he heard this, “I’ve been tossing around in the city lord’s mansion for so long with you holding the grass, right? To capture the real person alive? I really thought you couldn’t find the treasure house. No wonder you didn’t let me help.”
“I’ve been looking for the treasure house for a