/Zhao Xinxin sneered, “Mr. Kong, right? Do you think that a mere Fan Han can take charge of such a big thing as the sneak attack on Xuannv Palace?”
Kong Shujie said Suddenly speechless, yes, as long as he is not mentally retarded, he will know that behind such a big event, there must be a bigger person’s support – Fan Han is indeed a big person, but he alone is really not enough.
But at this time, she couldn’t say that, so she could only speak bravely, “Anyway, this also represents sincerity, doesn’t it? A big man like Fan Han, even if he comes to Boling, the county magistrate wants to see him. Wait at the door.”
Zhao Xinxin looked at her indifferently and said softly, “The big shot in your eyes may not be the big shot in my eyes.”
Kong Shujie was suddenly speechless, what else could she say? What the other party said was a bit too cold and aloof. She was worthy of being the ninth princess of the King of England.
Since we couldn’t talk about it together, we stopped talking for the time being. In the evening, Li Yongsheng came forward and set up a banquet for the chief instructor and two classmates. Although the supplies were not very rich, there were frequent wars in China and Earth. It can be considered very grand.
But the next day, when Kong Shujie wanted to see Li Yongsheng, she was told that Li Yongsheng had left Lei Gu.
Li Yongsheng really left. He received news from Zhuque City that “our restaurant” was smashed.
This happened two days ago. Due to the war in Sanxiang, the number of people in Zhuque City suddenly increased, and more and more people came to our restaurant to seek shelter.
One of them was a thief captured by the imperial court. He was not just an ordinary thief, he was Wei Yue’s enemy.
The people who arrested this man were members of the North Korean Security Bureau. They did not force their way into our restaurant, but they just put up a flag outside the building, hoping that our restaurant could send him out.
As a result, people from the main courtyard of Xuannv Palace came. I heard that it was people from the Chao Security Bureau who were making noises, so they stopped him without hesitation – our restaurant is under the protection of Xuannv Palace, so you can’t let you act wild.
When the two sides fought, our restaurant was unlucky. Because the Chao Security Bureau had been assassinated frequently recently, they brought stronger defensive amulets, and the people in the main hall of Xuannv Palace did not control their attacks. The aftermath directly destroyed half of our restaurant’s building. .
Fortunately, Binbei Shuangdu was in charge of our restaurant and stopped the fight between the two parties, but the damage to the restaurant had already been done, and several guests who were dining in the building were also injured.
/Ordinarily, there was no need for Li Yongsheng to come forward for such a matter, but he was tired of being pestered by people from the court, so he simply came back with Zhao Xinxin to deal with the matter while avoiding those pestering guys.