t you want to make a price? What do you mean by that look?”

t you want to make a price? What do you mean by that look?”
“I have to see the injured first,” Li Yongsheng raised his hand to wipe his forehead and said helplessly, “How can I make an offer if I don’t see the injured?”
/The middle-aged woman became more and more angry, “What if you see an injury and you can’t cure it?”
“I won’t make any conditions if I can’t cure it,” Li Yongsheng replied calmly, “Isn’t this normal? I didn’t think about it either. But, I can cure all the injuries.”
The middle-aged woman was so angry that her nose was almost smoking, “So you also have injuries that cannot be cured?”
Li Yongsheng did not answer, but stepped forward and looked after himself. He poured a cup of tea.
“Forget it, let’s go,” the middle-aged woman stood up. She took the time to come here today. She didn’t expect the junior in front of her to be so arrogant – do you really think your medical skills are invincible?
Tang Haotian panicked now, and he went to great lengths to invite someone. This is not the effect I want, “Aunt Qu, this is something that Master Yin’s disciples praise. You have real talent and learning. Why don’t you give it a try?” ”
Except for being young and arrogant, I don’t see any real talent or learning.” The middle-aged woman replied coldly and walked towards the door.
“But” Tang Haotian hesitated and finally shouted, “But are you willing to watch Mr. Qu suffer in unbearable pain every day? Isn’t it a bit unfilial for your daughter?”
Li Yongsheng, I put all my treasure on you. Come on, please don’t let me off the hook.
“Huh?” The middle-aged woman turned her head and looked at him coldly, “Xiaotang, do you think you are familiar with me?”
“Forget it, just think that my work is in vain,” Tang Haotian spread his hands, ” You are no longer a human being if you are left inside or outside, that’s all.”
The middle-aged woman was startled for a moment, then let out a long breath, “Okay, then I will arrange for two injured people to come over. If I can cure them, I won’t let you go to waste. Call me Auntie.”
Chapter 108 I had the final say.
The middle-aged woman still didn’t stay and left in the rain. Tang Haotian looked at Li Yongsheng angrily, “I said, don’t have such a strong personality, okay? ?”
“They are begging me to see a doctor,” Li Yongsheng held the tea cup and took a leisurely sip. “I have nothing to ask of them, so why should I look at her face?” ”
You, you” Tang Haotian didn’t even know what to say.
“Lao Tang, what should I say to you?” Li Yongsheng looked down at the teacup and talked to himself, “It’s hard to prioritize things clearly. You have to figure out who is asking for whom, otherwise in the end, No matter how successful you are in the eyes of others, you still lose yourself. Is this the life you want?”
Tang Haotian was stunned for a while before snorting, “Little brat, is it your turn to talk about me?”
“Haha,” Li Yongsheng laughed. He got up and stopped talking.
It didn’t take long for two injured patients to be carried to Li Yongsheng’s yard by