ashed his body and once again pulled Zhang Laoshi between him and the True Lord of the Huyan family, so that the other party could act as his shield.

ashed his body and once again pulled Zhang Laoshi between him and the True Lord of the Huyan family, so that the other party could act as his shield.
In the battle of high-level cultivators, there are many disadvantages if low-level cultivators get involved. Not only will they become the target of encircling Wei and rescuing Zhao, but they may also block the attacks of their own family members, leaving their comrades helpless.
Of course, the fat monk’s purpose in delaying this little time was to wait and see the effect of the water arrow attack. He really couldn’t bear to abandon the beads like this.
However, just as he changed positions, he felt a gust of wind blowing past him, as if someone was sneaking up on him.
To say that his vigilance was much higher than that of True Monarch Xianda. At that time, True Monarch Xianda was facing a group of real people from a foreign country, so it was difficult not to be overconfident. However, he was faced with a flanking attack from two True Monarchs. The level of caution is different.
However, his intuition told him that the person who attacked him should be the pass from Xuannv Palace, who pretended to attack him with blazing fire.
/Although this person’s behavior was despicable, his cultivation was still good. He was not fat enough and the monk didn’t care. He just used his monk’s robe to defend himself – he didn’t think that the other party had the ability to break through his attack in an instant. defense.
Even if it is a True Lord, the attack must have time. The only one who can break through his defense in an instant is the True Lord, and he is still not close to being certified.
But the next moment, he felt lighter, as if something was missing.
Then he reacted and couldn’t help but became furious, “You little thief, give me back my storage gourd!”
He did not have a storage bag on his body, but used three storage gourds. The gourds were threaded together. One gourd held spiritual liquid, one gourd held wine, and one gourd held other things.
This man actually stole his gourd without knowing it, which made him really intolerable – do you dare to do anything worse?
Zhang Laoshi succeeded in his move and immediately retreated. This time it was his turn to hide behind Scholar Huyan, and he laughed loudly, “Who else would you rather me be, the best thief in the world? Everyone noticed that he has no storage.” Bag it!”
He calls himself the number one thief, which is completely justified, considering that he was once the number one thief in the Kingdom of Middle-earth.
As the old saying goes, if you don’t have the eyesight and skill to be a thief, how can you be a good catcher?
/At this moment, the fat monk lost his sense of proportion. He was reluctant to part with the Buddhist beads, but he was also reluctant to part with the three gourds he carried with him.
The Buddhist beads are just a combat weapon. Although in terms of value alone, they can be considered priceless treasures, there are too many belongings in his storage gourd. It can be said t