As for now, he is playing very well, is there a problem?”

As for now, he is playing very well, is there a problem?”
Kobe looked very matter-of-fact.
It wasn’t until he finished saying this that the reporters reacted.
It turns out that Kobe ignored Sun Hao just because he didn’t want to distract himself before the game.
As for praise, if Sun Hao plays well, he will not be stingy with praise.
This kind of person is really weird and rare.
Sun Hao was a little late returning to the locker room because he was being interviewed by reporters on the sidelines.
He still vividly remembers the scene when Dirk Nowitzki drank expired champagne last time in Philadelphia.
Who knows if there is anything similar in Los Angeles, but it’s more likely than that.
He stood on one side of the door and pushed inside.
No more white liquid came out.
He looked up and looked inside.
Teammates were sitting in chairs or chatting or looking out curiously.
Looking at it, there seemed to be no reaction.
It shouldn’t be.
He scored 32 points in this game and scored 7 three-pointers. It was a new career night.
But seeing Nowitzki rubbing his feet there, he suddenly felt that this was quite normal.
Celebrating this kind of thing once should be enough.
He smiled and walked inside.
But as soon as he walked in, he didn’t know who shouted, and then there was a burst of cheers.
Then, bottles of mineral water were poured directly on him, shaking them while doing so.
“32! 32!”
His teammates shouted his score and celebrated for him.
These guys come in different ways every time!
But it’s normal. If you don’t have champagne, mineral water bottles are the best substitute.
This even includes Nowitzki.
Those hands that were wet with water didn’t know if there were freshly rubbed feet in them.
/No, no, you have to take a shower.
After Sun Hao yelled a few times and had fun with his teammates, he ran to the shower room again.
When he came out, except for Nowitzki, who was still there for a private interview with reporters, everyone else had already gone back.
Sun Hao waited for a while, waited for Nowitzki to finish the interview, and then left the locker room with him.
The two were chatting about the game that had just ended.
Although it has been a while, the experience of reversal is always unforgettable.
When passing by the arena, they heard someone doing extra practice inside.
The two people looked at each other, and then walked over curiously.
Kobe, practice more inside.
What’s a bit strange though is that he only shot from one position.
If I remember correctly, that was the spot where his winning shot failed.
The two watched for more than ten minutes, and Kobe kept practicing for about ten minutes, just in one position, repeating it non-stop.
“He doesn’t have to be like that. Whether a ball is scored or not, luck is more important.”
Nowitzki could sense Kobe’s reluctance, but felt it was unnecessary.
Especially after experiencing such a high-intensity game, this kind of training is torturing yourself.
Sun Hao nodded.
However, I don’