mmer league. He averaged only 11 points per game in the preseason, and his shooting percentage was only 36%!

mmer league. He averaged only 11 points per game in the preseason, and his shooting percentage was only 36%!
Take another look at No. 1 pick Martin, his average per game is only 13 points and 7 rebounds! And as an inside shooter, his shooting percentage is only 45%.
/There is no harm without comparison.
Although the preseason data will not be included in the player’s personal statistics, Sun Hao gives people the feeling that he is going for the best rookie!
His popularity is not only domestic, but also set off a wave of public opinion in North America.
No one could have imagined that a yellow guard with the No. 24 pick could perform such an amazing performance.
After the preseason, Sun Hao flew to Los Angeles.
It happened that Yi Jianlian had a game that afternoon, so he went directly into the school after arriving.
When the guard saw that he was still the same as last time, he smiled and let him in.
Although he has not studied here for a day, in terms of popularity, he seems to be higher than anyone else.
When he arrived at the arena, the game hadn’t started yet, so he went directly in to greet Yi Jianlian.
Compared with when they separated before, Yi Jianlian looked a lot more melancholy.
It seems that unlike his smooth sailing in the NBA, Yi Jianlian’s road in Sierra Leone is a bit difficult.
“A Lian!”
But as soon as he heard Sun Hao’s voice, Yi Jianlian turned around and his expression suddenly became excited, and the melancholy was instantly swept away.
“Brother Hao!”
We haven’t seen each other for more than a month, but Yi Jianlian’s words already convey the joy of seeing him again after a long separation.
“Fight hard, I’ll be watching you from the stands!”
Sun Hao knew that Yi Jianlian couldn’t let go in a crowded place, so he didn’t say much.
Yi Jianlian nodded vigorously.
Sun Hao patted Yi Jianlian’s elbow and returned to the stands.
The game started quickly. His teammates missed a shot from the outside, and Yi Jianlian flew directly to make up the score.
After making up the buckle, he raised his head and glanced in the direction of Sun Hao.
When he returned to the defensive end, he showed his jumping talent again and directly gave his opponent a big risk.
The opening attack and defense ignited the emotions of the students present, and also excited the head coach Bob who was sitting on the bench. He jumped up from his seat.
Indeed, as Sun Hao had judged before, Bob was a passionate coach.
But what Sun Hao didn’t know was that Bob had been waiting to see Yi Jianlian’s performance for too long.
Although I don’t know why, Yi Jianlian’s performance tonight is what he thinks he should do.
Just as he was thinking about it, Yi Jianlian caught the ball in a pick-and-roll with his teammates and shot from mid-range!
He has a strong presence on the court.
In the end, Sierra Canyon School defeated its opponent 70-50 and won a big home victory.
Yi Jianlian is the most outstanding player at Sierra Canyon School. He scored 22 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks.