en the game comes, the home team players will deliberately push the visiting team players towards those wooden boards.

en the game comes, the home team players will deliberately push the visiting team players towards those wooden boards.
By the time you are surprised why the ball bounces so low.
They have already taken the ball from your hand. Let’s go and start a fast break.
It’s useless to complain to the referee. They won’t suspend the game because of this, so they can succeed every time.” ”

Isn’t this a little shameless!
Sun Hao suddenly felt a little sorry for those Lakers players during the yellow-green war of the last century.
Maybe when they were playing, they would ask questions like children, why am I suddenly unable to dribble the ball well?
The plane soon arrived at Boston Logan International Airport.
It’s cloudy in Boston today.
After entering October, the temperature here has dropped. Coupled with this weather, the temperature is obviously low, only about 13 or 14 degrees.
They had just come out of the plane, and many of them sneezed unconsciously.
Sun Hao also took out the thermos cup from his backpack and took a sip of hot wolfberry tea to warm himself up.
After putting the thermos cup back, he suddenly turned to Eisley and spoke.
“That game, you said that game in 1995, who won in the end?”
Eisley said with a little pride.
Sun Hao smiled.
It seems that those tricks did not succeed in the end.
The Mavericks and Celtics, although the season has not yet started, but in all aspects, the Mavericks are better than this Celtics team.
The chances of getting a good start are not small.
Nelson also felt the pressure on his shoulders. After the players dropped off their luggage and everything at the hotel, he took them directly to the training hall for training.
After some daily training, Nelson also organized a full-field confrontation training match.
And unlike the previous round-to-round competition, the whole team was divided into two groups to play the entire half.
After the game, the team members were all sweaty.
Nelson did this to let the players release all the pressure before the game.
After delivering an impassioned speech at the end of the season, Nelson announced the disbandment of the team.
The players also returned to the locker room to take a shower and rest.
But after a while, there was a roaring sound coming from the shower room.
There was no hot water in the shower room of the visiting team’s locker room!
/Team staff went to the arena staff but never came back.
Many team members couldn’t help but complain loudly.
Sun Hao couldn’t help laughing because he heard what Eisley said on the plane.
It’s just the preseason, and that’s what the Celtics did.
This opening match is interesting.
In the end, the Mavericks still didn’t get a hot shower.
But for professional athletes of their level, this kind of thing would only make them feel cold and want to pee at most.
Of course, Sun Hao listened to Eisley’s story and experienced the Celtics’ unique home court advantage in advance.
On game day, Nelson only arranged basic shooting training.