m and a 1997 NBA All-Star, O’Neal’s lifelong enemy in college and the cover star of the Dream Team.

m and a 1997 NBA All-Star, O’Neal’s lifelong enemy in college and the cover star of the Dream Team.
Although Laettner is no longer as strong as his peak, he is still an NBA starting-level player.
Compared with Booth, whom Yao Ming had met before, and the rookies in his class, Laettner was much stronger.
The reason why Jordan was willing to trade Uncle Huo for Laettner and Tim last season was because of his recognition of his strength.
It can even be said that this is Jordan’s designated trading target.
In fact, this past summer, Jordan just signed a five-year, 25 million contract with him.
Although this was not a first-class contract at the beginning of the century, it was certainly not small.
“Big man, what are you doing? How can you let him enter the penalty area so easily? That’s your territory!”
As soon as Laettner scored, Jordan spoke to Yao Ming.
Yao Ming was a little confused.
Brother, we are not on the same team!
I’ve seen people educate teammates, but I’ve never seen people educate opponents!
/But Yao Ming just nodded and ran forward.
He now knew why Sun Hao reminded him so many times.
The God of Basketball is really strict.
Sun Hao holds the ball in the frontcourt and also plays pick-and-roll with Yao Ming.
After breaking it open, he lobbed the ball to Yao Ming.
Jordan is here to inspect the goods, and what Sun Hao wants to do is naturally to expose the “goods” of Yao Ming.
Jordan lowered his focus, one hand on Yao Ming’s waist, and the other hand ready to cut the ball at any time.
Even if it’s a big match against a small one, there aren’t many inside players who can beat Jordan.
Yao Ming received the ball a little away from the basket, so he turned and walked towards the basket.
Jordan took action like lightning and poked the ball out.
During this attack and defense, Yao Ming struggled a bit.
“Big man, welcome to the NBA.”
Jordan talked directly this time.
Most people in the training camp were shocked when they saw this operation.
This is not the same as the basketball god they imagined!
Moreover, Yao Ming is a member of the Wizards. He complained so much that Yao Ming became autistic. Wasn’t it Jordan himself who suffered the loss?
Yao Ming still nodded.
From Booth to the rookies in the same class to the Asian Championships, many people thought that he could directly dominate the paint as long as he entered the NBA because of his opponents.
But it turns out that’s not the case.
The emergence of Laettner and Jordan showed him what an NBA player is.
The prospects for the new NBA season are also worrying.
As he said to Sun Hao before, he thinks this is a good thing.
Realizing that in training camp is better than preseason.
The ball went out of bounds. Sun Hao served out of bounds and gave the ball to Yao Ming in the low post.
Yao Ming held the ball. Although it was Laettner who was guarding him this time, not Jordan, he lifted the ball.
Lean in, turn around, look at the frame, turn around and hook.
Yao Ming is skilled in th