o tonight.

o tonight.
“No, it’s your Taco.”
James didn’t take it. His idea was simple. Giving his favorite to Sun Hao was the biggest way to thank him.
/Sun Hao’s head was buzzing, and he always felt like he had stumbled into some advertisement.
In the end, Sun Hao forced the burrito to James.
He couldn’t actually eat it like this.
After chatting for a few more words, James left first.
Sun Hao turned around and asked the staff to bring the game ball over, found a pen, signed it and gave it directly to Yao Ming.
Jerseys, sneakers, etc. are not as commemorative as the game ball.
“Brother Hao, do you have time later?”
Yao Ming was not polite and suddenly asked again after taking the basketball.
Sun Hao looked at him doubtfully.
“I have a question and want to ask your opinion.”
Sun Hao nodded. Although he was confused, Yao Ming didn’t ask it on the spot. It should be more important.
When they returned to the locker room, Nowitzki and the others were shouting and screaming in excitement.
This game greatly improved the team’s morale.
And the key is to teach Kidd, who everyone in Dallas hates, a lesson.
“Sun, we will probably face them again in the playoffs. This game is very important.”
Eisley said to Sun Hao with a smile.
“It seems to be true, Nice~”
Sun Hao didn’t care much about the team’s ranking before.
But what Eisley said is true.
According to today’s style of play, the Mavericks have a very good chance of passing the first round.
As the playoffs approach, not only the coaching staff, but also the players are beginning to care about the playoff matchups.
Thinking back to last year, the Mavericks didn’t make it to the playoffs. If they get past the first round, it will be more than a small step.
After taking a shower and changing clothes, Sun Hao, Nowitzki and others said hello and left with Wang Zhizhi first.
Yao Ming is still waiting for them outside.
Wang Zhizhi hasn’t found a place to live yet and is still living in Sun Hao’s villa.
/He took a taxi back first, while Sun Hao stayed and went out to drink coffee with Yao Ming.
Yao Ming said before that he should ask himself questions.
“I’m facing a problem now.”
Yao Ming started to get into the topic after chatting for a while.
“When will you enter the NBA?”
Sun Hao thought about it on the way here, and this is probably what Yao Ming would ask.
The desire in Yao Ming’s eyes these past two days was completely undisguised.
Yao Ming nodded, Sun Hao is so detailed.
“What do you think?”
Sun Hao did not directly give Yao Ming any advice.
Everyone’s situation is different.
Like Yi Jianlian before, he is a relatively introverted person without many independent opinions.
Well, like a younger brother who needs guidance.
Sun Hao brought him to the United States and started playing in the NSAA, which is definitely good for him.
But Yao Ming’s situation is different.
Especially after several contacts, he felt that Yao Ming was a person with independent opinions and ideas.
“I came here just to see how close