port is the blind man’s infinite motivation to persevere.

port is the blind man’s infinite motivation to persevere.
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After lunch, the parents of several second-generation members, except for his aunt and uncle, all left one after another. Wang Bo’s family, together with his god-sister, stood on the side of the road to see him off and say goodbye politely. talk.
/After saying goodbye to a few “distinguished guests”, Wang Bo began to arrange the afternoon’s program. Those who like playing cards can go to the teahouse to play cards, and those who like singing can follow him to the “Golden Triangle” to sing.
“Sister Xin, let’s go sing together?” Wang Bo was about to invite his classmates to go to the KTV together when he suddenly saw Tian Xin standing on the side of the road, looking like he was about to wave for a taxi, so he immediately walked up.
Tian Xin glanced at Wang Bo and shook his head.
“Guanghan’s place is about to open. There are so many things to do without people. You go and sing.” Tian Xin said to Wang Bo in a calm tone. At this time, a taxi happened to drive by, and Tian Xin shouted “Taxi” Car.” He turned around and waved to Wang Bo, then turned around and got into the car. Then the taxi started, turned a corner, and suddenly disappeared.
Wang Bo was stunned for a moment, recalling Tian Xin’s tone and expression just now, and felt that something was wrong with the other person’s mood.
“Have you discovered some clues between yourself and Liang Ya?” Wang Bo recalled that when his classmates made fun of him and Liang Ya in the morning, Tian Xin seemed to be standing behind him, and Tian Xin knew that he liked Liang Ya. Things came together, and Wang Bo sighed.
The thing he couldn’t face the most and didn’t want to face the most finally came.
After his rebirth, Wang Bo had more than one dream of hugging each other. To a certain extent, he also did the same, such as “molesting” Tian Xin and Guan Ping. While pursuing Liang Ya in school, he also flirted with those around him. My pretty deskmate Liao Xiaoqing would provoke her from time to time, saying things that could easily be misunderstood, and doing actions that could easily be misunderstood by others. For a time, he was complacent about this and was happy with it. Only later, after seeing the loss and pain in the other person’s eyes, did he suddenly realize that he stopped at the brink and began to control his mouth, hands and feet.
Although Liao Xiaoqing has restored the normal relationship between male and female classmates, his attitude and behavior towards the two in his family, Guan Ping and Tian Xin, are still going his own way, and even getting worse, with deeper progress. For example, between him and Tian Xin, except for the last step, the two of them did not do anything that should be done, but they were all done under his sweet words and extravagant efforts.
Chasing Liang Ya at school, teasing Guan Ping and Tian Xin at home, for so long, except for the occasional introspection and doubt about his own behavior in the dead of night,