monic Chorus? Is there any result?”

monic Chorus? Is there any result?”
/“Oh, don’t mention it. A pervert with a human face and an animal heart makes me sick to death.” Ma Liting shook her head and began to talk about her interview experience.
Fang You is still a junior in college, and there is still a whole year before she can find a job, but she has seen the difficulties and hardships Ma Liting has gone through during this time while running around looking for a job. If it were in the past, seeing her roommate in the dormitory hit the wall and being unsatisfied again and again, she would definitely feel sad that “the rabbit dies and the fox is sad, things harm their kind”, because the other person’s today is likely to be her tomorrow. .
However, since they came back from Sifang a few months ago, because of that person, the two of them had re-planned and had a new vision for the future. Fang You no longer had so much emotion about Ma Liting’s job hunting and unsatisfactory results. With worry. She knew that Ma Liting herself took the results of these failures very lightly. She was just looking for fun and did not put in a lot of effort. In her own words, it is mainly used to increase her experience and experience the reality and cruelty of society.
“Well, the Philharmonic Chorus is considered the top choir in China. Unexpectedly, it is also smoky and harbors filth and evil. It is really difficult to find a pure land in our circle.” After listening to Ma Liting talk about her job search experience , Fang You sighed.
“Who says it’s not?” Ma Liting shrugged, “Some senior brothers and sisters who graduated before told me about some of the troubles they encountered after entering the society. I still don’t believe it. Now I have done a lap in the past two months. , I finally gained some knowledge. A good job, a good destination, for people like us who have no background, no resources, and not much extraordinary talent, it is completely impossible to squeeze in without paying the price. And even if I pay the price, I may not really make arrangements for you and get something in return. I have heard of several cases of losing my wife and losing troops.” At this point, Ma Liting suddenly grabbed Fang You’s hand. He blinked his shoulders and said with a smile, “So, Yoyo, compared to many people, we are the lucky ones. This kind of luck is brought to me by you. I really want to thank you.”
Fang You, of course Understanding what Ma Liting meant by “lucky”, a tender feeling of happiness, warmth, and shyness suddenly filled her heart.
“Sister Tingting, don’t say that.” Fang You said with a slight blush, “I should actually thank you. You know my character. Without your generosity and continuous encouragement, I would probably I won’t take this path now.”
Ma Liting let out a hearty smile, leaned over and hugged the good sister in front of her, “Okay, let’s stop thanking me and me thanking you! If I’m like that This guy knows, I don’t know how proud he is. Huh, I get angry when I talk about that guy. How many months has it been? Apart from making a fe