d even tried to peek at Han Xuan’s documents, but was caught on the spot by the bald Owen.

d even tried to peek at Han Xuan’s documents, but was caught on the spot by the bald Owen.
Later, he didn’t report the crime and he was sent to someone unknown. He thought his fate would not be too good. Jason said that he would be thrown into a random prison abroad and would not be able to get out in a few years.
Don’t blame him for being too ruthless. Fortunately, he is just a commercial spy. Wouldn’t it be bad if he planned to harm Han Xuan.
Now that new bodyguards are coming, Han Xuan will let Pooh smell them. People’s bodies will emit different smells under different emotions. Humans can’t feel it, but they can’t escape Pooh’s nose. If he has bad thoughts, he will soon smell them. will know.
Only Han Xuan knows about this matter, so he is not afraid of people with ulterior motives sneaking in around him. Recently, he plans to use it to find out the commercial spies in the company.
There is a problem with Snow Mountain Group!
Originally planning to launch an acquisition of Texas Instruments, however, the news was leaked in advance. Han Xuan’s desired bottom price was known to the other party in advance, and the stock price rose sharply, which indirectly caused him heavy losses.
Therefore, it is suspected that there is a mole among the top management of Xueshan Group. Commercial espionage is inevitable in every company, but it would be too bad if there is trouble among the top management. They have a lot of important information.
The middle-aged man who came here now was the “scavenger” hired by Han Xuan to investigate the evildoers in the company.
George knew this guy. After searching him with a metal detector, he fumbled and checked again. No problem was found, so he said, “Go in, change a pair of shoes, and I’ll get your coat.” “Thank you,
you’d better help dry it. My clothes are soaked.”
/The middle-aged man didn’t mind at all being inspected by George from head to toe. This was the style of rich people. He had seen Han Xuan many times and he was used to it.
“Finally there is heating. I drove all the way from London. There was something wrong with the car window and I couldn’t close it. I was so cold. Hi Han, I haven’t seen you for a few months. You look a lot more mature. I mean in terms of clothes. .”
This is obviously a joke.
Han Xuan is wearing pajamas, the Tom Cat style pajamas in “Tom and Jerry”. His pajamas are so childish because Anya likes them.
After finishing a plate of dumplings, Han Xuan wiped his mouth and burped. He stood up and stretched out his hand to signal the middle-aged man to go to the living room to talk. He said: “I have always been so mature. Age is just an appearance. It doesn’t mean anything.” . It must be hard to have no windows in such a cold weather, but I believe that US dollars will give you comfort. Mr. Lawrence, do you have any good news to tell me?” ”
/Haha! US dollars are great, and it would be even better if it is cash. , cashing checks is a hassle. I need to pay the people under me, so cash is better, without paying any damn taxes. I know you