ds awarded to her by other countries, countless, and it is hard to win real awards!

ds awarded to her by other countries, countless, and it is hard to win real awards!
The two new songs that Wang Bo threw out like embroidered balls stunned Fang You, Cheng Wenjin, Ma Liting and his cousin Li Junhua! Several of them are in the music industry, and they are music lovers. They have listened to a lot of popular music at home and abroad. They can tell at a glance what is a good song and what is a sloppy song. The song “Rolling/In/the/Deep” was already stunning, and now the other party has released two songs that are no less than the former.
/Genius! Great talent! A super musical genius who transcends the past and shines into the present, transcends national boundaries, races and nationalities, and is a rare-to-be-seen-in-a-millennium musical genius!
Fang You was so excited that she almost fainted with happiness. She bit her mouth hard and pinched her legs, so she could barely control her urge not to rush into that person’s arms.
“Xiaobo, thank you!” Fang You said excitedly.
However, what she never expected was that gag songs like “Two Butterflies” and “One Mouse” were just the other party’s games. Besides games, there were also more professional and sophisticated works! This time, it breaks through the stereotypes and shackles of Chinese music all at once, and directly introduces English songs that can impress European and American people! Although these three songs have not yet been released and have not been tested by the market, Cheng Wenjin, who has already seen it, has 100% confidence that with her quality as a music major and her professional appreciation of music, this song written by Wang Bo will Three songs, whoever sings will definitely be popular!
“Yuyou’s life is really good!” Cheng Wenjin sighed in his heart, thinking that the wealth, fame and honor that Fang You might get in the future would be written into the popular culture of China and the world as an iconic character. Music history, even with her indifferent, peaceful heart that looked down upon worldly fame and fortune, she couldn’t help but feel a trace of envy.
This little guy, Ganqing had planned it two years ago, and is he preparing for today?
“Xiaobo, did you think about it two years ago? Two years ago, when Youyou went abroad for further study, you had already written these songs?” Cheng Wenjin suppressed the excitement in her heart and stared at Wang Bo asked.
As expected of Cheng Wenjin who has a keen response! Wang Bo secretly praised in his heart. But this kind of thing cannot be ignored. Wang Bo shrank his neck and said in a confused tone:
“Sister, how could I think so long-term? At that time, I also thought about writing a few English songs for Sister Youyou to break into the European and American music circles, but this Two years ago, I tried several times, but I couldn’t write it. The feeling when I wrote it always felt wrong. Although it was an English song, it always had a Chinese flavor, neither local nor foreign. It’s fine for Chinese people to listen to it, but Europe and the United States People will