Liang’s suggestion, and finally shook her head.

Liang’s suggestion, and finally shook her head.
“It’s better to go back to school first, senior. The two of us in the dormitory only met once, and it was at night. We don’t know each other very well. Without us to bridge the gap and liven up the atmosphere, it might be awkward.”
/“That’s it, okay then. Let’s go to Chenjiawan and take the 210 bus.” Huang Liang pouted and said. But my heart began to bleed, and I thought, three breakfasts have made me white again. He only pays 70 cents for breakfast every day, usually a cup of soy milk for 20 cents and a meat bun for 50 cents.
As soon as she finished speaking, a yellow antelope with a bright face drove over. Luo Lin hurriedly walked to the roadside and waved.
Huang Liang fell behind, and the muscles on his face trembled again, as if there were two springtails buried under that handsome face.
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Tonight is the day when Wang Bo invites guests to dinner and “apologizes” for not participating in the two dormitory social activities last time. After get off work, he called Wei Shousong and asked if they had arrived. If they arrived, he would come out to meet them, and then everyone would go to the sand area to eat together.
The men and women in the two dormitories arrived at the Sun Plaza in front of the teaching building 20 minutes early, and met with Wang Bo at the agreed meeting place. At this time, they were chatting all over the world.
“Boss is off work?” Huang Liang asked Wei Shousong who answered the phone.
“Get off, tell me to come out immediately.” Wei Shousong nodded.
“Old Wei, can the boss drive today?” Huang Liang pulled Wei Shousong aside and asked in a low voice. Not long ago, he had told Luo Lin in a show-off manner that when they went to the desert area at night, the girls could take Wang Bo’s BMW first and the boys would take a taxi behind.
“Maybe? He doesn’t drive. How can he come to school when he goes to work on Monday?” Wei Shousong answered uncertainly.
Wang Bo will be coming out soon, and Huang Liang, as the contact person, starts to make arrangements for the trip later. He clapped his hands and said to the two men and women in the dormitory who were chatting animatedly: “Everyone, please be quiet. The boss has already got off work. He will be out soon. Later, Luo Lin, Qi Xiaoyao, and you girls will sit down. Let’s take the boss’s car. We boys will take a taxi and follow.”
Let the girls take the car and the boys take a taxi. This arrangement is as it should be. Of course the boys have no objections. Luo Lin, Qi Xiaoyao and the girls H