pany to seek cooperation that afternoon. However, when the other parties saw their Asian faces, they all shook their heads, even if Cheng Wenjin took out Fang You’s rankings in major Asian music rankings. Charts, various honorary certificates and achievements obtained at various music award ceremonies, including the “Courage” album that Wang Bo tailor-made for her and let her seal the album. The other party also showed a lack of interest, “Excuse me Who is it?” expression.

With Wang Bo personally taking charge and directing the show, the recording of her cousin and Ma Liting’s new song this year and the filming of the MV are all proceeding in an orderly manner.
/But Fang You, who was also preparing to make a comeback this year and even become a blockbuster, was not going well.
The heads of some record companies directly told them that it is extremely difficult for Asians, even completely westernized RB people, to break into the European and American music circles and become famous, let alone you Chinese people. Language barriers, cultural gaps, and racial aesthetic deviations, coupled with the lack of successful precedent, so the other party spread their hands and looked like I didn’t need to say more.
There are also people who are interested, but they are not interested in the musical collaboration between the two parties, but in the two people in front of them, one pure and beautiful, the other a charming, elegant and generous oriental beauty. Among them, the person in charge of a certain record company even hinted that as long as they are “righteous” and “willing to obey”, the company can reluctantly cooperate on a trial basis. Of course, if you have said it first, don’t think about it in the European and American markets. This is not discriminating against you, indeed. It’s because of the acclimatization, mainly in the East and Southeast Asian markets.
This was an obvious unspoken rule. Chi Yiguo’s sexual innuendo made Cheng Wenjin and Fang You so angry that they turned around and walked away.
/A few days later, there was still no progress. Everyone in the domestic and even Asian markets knows Angela Fang, but in the eyes of Europeans and Americans, no one cares about her, and she is often rejected.
A few days ago, they went to European and American companies to discuss cooperation, but they did not release the new songs written by Wang Bo. This is a little thought of the two, because they are foreigners after all, and it will take three or four years before the green card application through investment immigration for the convenience of going abroad will be finalized. Although the copyright of the song has been applied to the Copyright Office, it has been confirmed The certificate of sex will not be issued for a while. When the copyright of the song “Rolling/in/The/Deep” was not fully obtained, I rashly showed the lyrics and music of a classic song in front of foreigners. It is hard to say that others will not have evil intentions. For example, if someone tries to copy the lyrics and music and then say