ime with the ambassador. Find someone.

In this way, Klein will be safer.
“It feels like walking on a tightrope. Could this be the clown’s special physique?” He laughed and shook his head. He opened the bay window and wanted to take a breath of fresh morning air, but the thick and pungent haze outside made him silently close the window.
/Using an ink bottle to hold down the paper with Ian’s information written on it, Klein went to the bathroom next door and quickly cleaned himself up. Then he took off the black double-breasted gown and half-height silk top hat hanging on the coat rack, and walked all the way to the first floor. .
He and lawyer Jurgen made an appointment to have breakfast today.
Pulling out a black silver-encrusted cane from the umbrella stand in the foyer, Klein walked along the edge of the street in the fog with visibility no more than ten meters, all the way to No. 58 Minsk Street, and rang the doorbell of the gray house.
As the sound of jingling bells echoed, a green-eyed black cat with a high tail suddenly appeared in his mind.
Black cat Brody walked in a straight line and came to the door. He gathered momentum for two seconds, jumped up suddenly, and grabbed the door handle with his palm.
Then, it inevitably fell, turned the handle with its weight, and opened the door.
With a creak, the morning wind blew, and the door slowly retreated.
The black cat Brody looked at Klein arrogantly and walked to the side.
“What a smart cat.” Klein praised the old lady Doris in a white apron.
Doris smiled so much that her wrinkles smoothed out:
“It depends on its mood. Most of the time it will pretend to be stupid and seem not to understand what you are saying. Oh, I prepared my best bean and turnip soup for you and eat it with bread. ”
The name of the bean and turnip soup sounds like a dark dish. Klein smiled and said:
“I am looking forward.”
While he was talking, Lawyer Jurgen came out of the bathroom. Even in his own home, even though he had just woken up, he was still dressed meticulously. His white shirt was straight, his brown vest was tight, and the lines of his trouser legs seemed to have been ironed recently.
“The contract you want has been sorted out. Take a look to see if there is anything missing.” Jurgen glanced at it with blue eyes and went straight to the point without making any pleasantries.
His brown hair was neatly combed back, and the sheen of his hair oil could be clearly seen.
“Okay.” Klein leaned on his cane, took off his hat and coat, followed Jurgen into the study on the first floor, and received a substantial contract.
He stood there, flipping through it casually. The more he read, the more headache he got. In the end, he only hurriedly scanned the key clauses.
“I’m very satisfied that your professionalism is better than I imagined.”
As he spoke, he took out the two 1 pound notes he had prepared.
Jurgen took the banknotes, gave the remaining contracts to Klein, and said seriously:
“If there is a mistake when signing, here are two extra copies, and remember to shredd