ve lost his body, leaving only a translucent dark cloak and a strange and cold mask.

Under the cloak and mask, the darkness was so thick that nothing could be seen, except for one greasy and evil tentacle after another.
In this state, Klein seemed to have escaped the constraints of time. He swayed like a fish in the solidified environment, and got out of the circle surrounded by Amon through various real or conceptual gaps.
Once again, he used his “fooling” authority.
This time, what he “fooled” was time.
The ancient wall clocks disappeared one after another, and time resumed its flow in the almost completely collapsed wilderness. Amon each stopped trying, suddenly gathered together, and “flashed” behind Klein, leaving him no chance to breathe.
He stretched out his left palm, and while retracting his arm, he clenched his five fingers.
The space around Klein was suddenly cast into shadow, becoming like layers of tulle.
These “gauze” twisted and reorganized, seeming to form a cage strong enough to trap Klein inside.
Above the cage, an illusory door stood out, moving quickly and refusing to be fixed.
However, Klein’s figure suddenly appeared outside the cage, as if it had never been sealed by Amon with the power of the “door”.
He “fooled” history and divided himself into the one second before and the next second.
Thus, what was imprisoned in the cage became his historical projection.
This is the deepening of the ability of “ancient scholars” under the authority of “fooling”.
Because it relies on “fooling” history as a promotion ritual, Klein, the “fool”, is more capable in similar fields than “fooling” time and “fooling” fate.
As soon as he escaped from the space prison, Klein would immediately use the “Secret Realm” again to create a new “Fool” Kingdom, in order to delay time and find an opportunity to stabilize his mental state – he had just used “Fooling” multiple times in a row. “Power, the fragile balance in the body is on the verge of collapse. If the mental state is not stabilized as soon as possible, the will of “Tianzun” will be further awakened.
This is also a serious problem.
At this moment, a huge monocle made of crystal appeared in front of his eyes.
/From the monocle, layers of sparkling light poured out crazily, drowning him in an instant.
Klein’s mental state suddenly stabilized, but at the cost of losing different emotions and desires. He didn’t even want to resist, he just wanted to stand quietly and wait for destruction to come.
It’s like a normal person being injected with a large dose of sedatives.
At the same time, in the layers of ripples, an illusory book stood out.
The book was opened, revealing a passage:
“Cline Moretti was tortured by the mental pollution of the ‘Lord of Mysteries’. He was always in pain and very tired. After experiencing a fierce battle, he was affected by the spiritual level and finally reached his limit. He decided to give up and no longer Resist.”
Behind the huge, crystal-ground monocle, Amon, wearing a pointed hat and a classic black robe, was quic