shook his head violently to get rid of this feeling, and found that it was not a mental influence, but just a reaction that a normal person should have.

Alfred got out of bed, walked to the window, and used the “sheriff’s” extraordinary ability to determine that the music he just heard came from the cheap hotel.
It’s not the guests who got off the ship. Their goals are very clear and they wouldn’t be in the mood to play such a melody… The original passengers of Utopia Port, or the boss and waiter named Tracy? If it’s her, she’s a lady with a story… Alfred sighed a few words, withdrew his gaze and stopped paying attention.
/He was curious, but he didn’t think about getting off the boat.
Soon, the sound of the flute stopped, and the port hotel returned to silence without any accidents.
In this way, time passed by, and as the storm stopped, the sky gradually became brighter.
At eight o’clock in the morning, the passengers who left the ship returned one after another, each with sluggish steps and haggard faces.
When the sailors saw this, they immediately laughed and said:
“The chicks here seem pretty nice!”
The passengers shook their heads almost simultaneously, all showing regret.
One of them rubbed his forehead and said:
“The Lielangqi here is very good. It’s cheaper than other places. I accidentally drank too much and fell asleep. I don’t know if anything happened to that lovely person. Hey, I drove as soon as I woke up. I had no memory of what I did when I was drunk. Praise the Goddess for letting me lie back on my bed instead of sleeping in the rain.”
Other passengers chimed in, saying they had similar experiences.
Of course, everyone is different in the details. For example, one passenger praised the breakfast dessert at the budget hotel for being very good.
While the sailors regretted not being able to drink the cheap and good Reilangzi, they all spoke up and teased the passengers:
/“Maybe the one you spend the night with is not the chick here, but a big guy like Theodore. Anyway, you are all so drunk that you have no way of knowing what happened!”
“Haha, let’s touch your butts!”
In a lively atmosphere, the sailors put away the gangway, raised the sails, and let the passenger ship set sail little by little.
After they passed through a slightly dark sea area and returned to the familiar safe channel, Alfred completely relaxed and said to his adjutant and retinue with a smile:
“We can mark this place on our map. It would be nice to write about spirits and desserts. Well, girls also have their own characteristics.”
After sailing for several more days, the passenger ship finally arrived at Eskosen Port in Desi Bay along a winding and safe channel.
Alfred, adhering to the aristocratic demeanor and social instinct in his blood, visited the senior officials of the nearby military base and shared a wonderful dinner with them.
When he returned to his father’s holiday villa here, he unexpectedly found that the subordinate he sent to find information looked a little pale.
“What’s wrong?” Alfred sud