s inner emotions and added:

“Otherwise, I would have found Trischik long ago.”
Without waiting for Katarina’s response, the “Red Angel” evil spirit turned around and left directly.
In another ruins, Klein only had time to flash a flash of joy when he saw the secret mausoleum collapsed and a large amount of blood flowed out, before he had to turn his attention back to his own situation.
The failure of George III’s ceremony and his failure to become the “Black Emperor” means that his goal has been achieved. The next focus is how to escape!
At this moment, taking advantage of the considerable impact caused by the destruction of the mausoleum, Renette Tinichole followed the agreement with Klein and stopped staying. She entered the spirit world first and fled to the depths.
/The power He borrowed from His past self is coming to an end!
The hidden angel with a beautiful face had reached the limit of Klein’s ability to maintain it, and after evolving into a strange world, it naturally disappeared.
In the half-collapsed ruins, Klein faced alone the arm of “Godly Sin” Si’a, Hermes from the ancient era, the projection of Emperor Russell, the projection of William Augustus I, the projection of the Angel of Light, and the unknown direction. Wherever there is thunder, any one has the ability to kill him easily.
And if he wants to summon the historical pore image of the angel level, he can’t succeed with just one, two, or three times.
Without hesitation, Klein’s body suddenly became blurred and he tried to hide in the pores of history.
/At this moment, a vortex suddenly appeared in the gray mist within his field of vision. It was composed of countless transparent worms, with transparent and smooth tentacles extending out around it.
The true form of Zaratul appears!
He has been waiting for Klein in the pores of history!
At this moment, Klein’s action of entering the historical pore was irreversible. He could only watch as he was attracted by the vortex and thrown towards the center!
He wanted to snap his fingers and light another paper crane, but found that there was no flame at all.
Zaratul, who had already been tested once, had enough confidence in his trump card. With the suppression of his personality and his mysterious authority, he could no longer control the flames!
In addition, Klein’s intuitive premonition told him that the end point of the “teleportation” was strangely connected to the vortex formed by the transparent worm.
He couldn’t escape, and he didn’t have time to summon enough helpers.
“Soothsayers” do not perform without preparation.
The vortex formed by the transparent worms slowly rotated, welcoming Klein’s “active visit”, while the transparent and smooth tentacles swam over in an irresistible manner.
They wrapped themselves around Klein, but they only wrapped around an ancient book with a dark cover.
On the surface of this book, a trace of blood has not completely faded away.
“Grossell’s Travels”!
At the most dangerous second, Klein took the initiative to break his finger and let