tedly got the position of president, Green was very grateful to David. He really wanted to thank David, but David happened to return to the academy and was not at the base, which made Green unable to thank him in person.

When David returned to the base, he heard the news about Batu Energy Company first. This allowed Green to see David’s methods against the enemy. He was afraid that David would think he looked down on others as the president, so he was so frightened that he quickly Following David showed loyalty.
David didn’t know how to speak for a moment. Little did he know that he had killed a supernatural being and brought down a very large company, which would have an impact on the students in the college.
“Master David, you are busy first!” Green saw someone coming over at this time, and felt that there might be something wrong in his heart, so he said goodbye.
“Master David, I have something to tell you!” The person who came was Intelligence Officer Brennan. He looked at Green’s leaving figure with a hint of understanding on his lips, and then looked at David and said.
“Intelligence Officer Brennan, please tell me!” David said with a smile.
“According to the latest information, an extraordinary person named Edwin came to the Caddore Academy base the day before yesterday!” Intelligence officer Brennan said softly.
David was slightly startled. Edwin’s extraordinary name was so familiar. Then he thought, isn’t this the legend who disappeared from the Erto Fund?
“Thank you, Intelligence Officer Brennan, this news is very important to me!” David said sincerely.
/“Principal Lake asked me to tell you that after the insect wave is over, the academy will be free to help you drive away the two legends of the Erto Foundation!” Intelligence Officer Brennan said with a smile.
What Intelligence Officer Brennan said was to tell David that this information was not revealed to David personally by him, but was the intention of the college, and the college supported David.
“Intelligence Officer Brennan, I don’t understand why the military doesn’t take action against this insect infestation?” David wanted to ask during the meeting, but the occasion was wrong. No one else was there, and Brennan happened to be doing it again. Information, so I asked.
“The military will not take action unless it is absolutely necessary. The insect wave is a crisis, and it is also the fastest growing experience for student soldiers. Both the college and the military hope that this group of students can grow up faster. In the future, they may Play a role in the war!” Intelligence officer Brennan looked around and explained softly when he was sure there was no one.
David nodded, and then he explained that it made sense. With the combat power deployed by the military in the war zone, it would be very easy to eliminate the insect tide that occurred on the Guardian Star without additional support.
As long as the space weapon avoids the base, a few rounds can clear out the Zerg in a large area.
However, the consequence of using space weapons i