are transparent, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the water at any time.

David got up at five o’clock again. In the gym surrounded by sea water, it was seven o’clock after he completed the ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’ and ‘Contortion Technique’.
/David, who was concentrating on training, did not see that not far from the gym, Emma was watching David’s training with tears in her eyes.
As a top singer, Emma has very rich emotions. When she saw David’s exposed skin covered with scars, she really wanted David to stop this crazy practice.
But Emma understood very well that this was David’s own choice. It was precisely because of David’s ability to be called the ‘Invincible Soldier’ ??and to be able to face more than 600 mercenary soldiers and still defeat them. This crazy cultivation spirit.
It’s no wonder that David requires that there must be a gene repair cabin wherever he goes. Without a gene repair cabin, David’s practice method would be too much for his body in a day or two.
After repairing his body, David put on the clothes Emma prepared for him and left the fitness room.
Although his clothes are regular clothes, they are more suitable than the clothes he bought himself. Perhaps this is what he is least good at.
When having breakfast with Emma, ??David felt Emma’s care and tenderness. The attack on the Starflyer made the relationship between the two more solid.
Because of the trouble she encountered when arriving, the plan was postponed for a day, so Emma had to work in the morning.
David also followed and went on another adventure. He cherished every moment of time spent with Emma.
In addition to Director Houston and three other members of the filming team, the team that shot the music short film also had the cooperation of some local personnel. It can be seen that the company where Emma works is very powerful, and it also has permanent staff in Liulan Star.
A total of three sea ships sailed into the sea. The reason why they chose this primitive old-fashioned sea ship that floats on the sea surface using sea water and is propelled by propellers is also the characteristic of Liulan Star.
Only this kind of trip is the most compatible with the sea, and it is also the most prominent feature of Liulan Star.
Of course, this is also related to the shooting needs of the music short film. Although only the singer Emma participated in the shooting this time, for the artistic conception of the song, the old-fashioned sea boat and Emma were still needed to cooperate. This cooperation will also make the audience feel refreshed. .
David didn’t understand much of this, but Emma told him when she went to the shooting destination.
The location they chose to shoot is in the azure Aral Sea area, so they will leave the fresh water, which is about a hundred kilometers away from Crystal City.
Fortunately, although the three sea-going ships are old-fashioned sea-going ships, the engines they use are krypton crystal engines. The propulsion force generated is extremely powerful, and their speed is far from c