e didn’t dare to meet Wang Bo’s direct eyes, lowered her gaze, and whispered: “You must not let Lingzi hear this, otherwise she will be heartbroken.” “I know

e didn’t dare to meet Wang Bo’s direct eyes, lowered her gaze, and whispered: “You must not let Lingzi hear this, otherwise she will be heartbroken.” “I know
! Aren’t we the only two now? ? Xiaoqing, do you miss me?” Wang Bo grabbed the girl’s slender and delicate fingers with his left hand and held on. He stretched out his right hand and touched Liao Xiaoqing’s face. He soon touched the girl’s red and tender skin. His palm was on the other side. He gently rubbed his cheek.
/Liao Xiaoqing’s body trembled, and his face became even more rosy, just like the few red Fuji apples in Han Lin’s travel bag. She gently turned her head away, lowered her head, and said in an inaudible voice: “You don’t miss me very much, why should I miss you?”
“Nonsense! I miss you often! Among all my high school classmates, , Xiaoya, Sun Li, Jiahui, Xiaoqing, you four, are the people I miss the most. It’s just that you are inseparable from Lingzi’s bold guy. You are so good that you can wear a pair of pants. Sometimes I want to give you Send text messages, or ask you out alone, but I am afraid that Lingzi will be sad when she finds out.”
Suddenly I heard the name “Zhong Jiahui” from Wang Bo’s mouth, and the other party also compared it with Sun Li and Liang Ya, Liao Xiaoqing was shocked Startled, regardless of being shy, he looked up at Wang Bo and asked curiously: “Jiahui? Wang Bo, are you and Zhong Jiahui?” ”
In the past year, a lot of things happened between Jiahui and I. Xiaoya and Sun Li’s relationship with me now is the same as Jiahui’s relationship with me. But you just need to know the things yourself, and you must not tell anyone, not even Lingzi, do you understand? ”
Yeah, I understand!” Liao Xiaoqing nodded, his heart shaking, as if it were overturning the sea. She had no idea that besides Liang Ya and Sun Li, two well-known girlfriends, Wang Bo would also get involved with Zhong Jiahui! when did it happen? Do Liang Ya and Sun Li know? Should we tolerate him eating from the bowl and looking at the pot?
For a moment, Liao Xiaoqing felt like his heart was racing, and countless questions suddenly popped up.
“Wang Bo, when did you and Jiahui get together? Do Xiaoya and Sun Li know Jiahui?” Liao Xiaoqing was really curious and couldn’t help but ask.
“It’s just in the first semester of my freshman year. It can be considered a mistake. But it’s a long story. I’ll explain it to you in detail when I have time. Xiaoya knows Jiahui. Sun Li didn’t know she was in bj before. One year She has not met me as much as I have met you, so she has no chance to know. But now, she knows, but it was only recently. I don’t want to hide it from her, otherwise it will be unfair to her. Okay , Xiaoqing, don’t ask, I’ll explain it to you later. Lingzi will be back soon, we have to hurry up and do something meaningful.”
/“Ah, something interesting?”
Wang Bo didn’t say anything. He just leaned his head towards Liao Xiaoqing’s face, and within an inch or two, his lips touched the girl’s slightly opened red lips filled with surprise and