ith Wang Zi’an just now, if Ma Liting and Zhao Xiaojuan hadn’t been in the dormitory, she might have directly inquired about Wang Zi’an.

ith Wang Zi’an just now, if Ma Liting and Zhao Xiaojuan hadn’t been in the dormitory, she might have directly inquired about Wang Zi’an.
/“Let’s talk about it when the time comes.” Fang You, who was worried about gains and losses, said to the two sisters in the dormitory.
Today is Wednesday, and we have agreed on a time to meet Wang Zi’an. Because she had to wait for Wang Zi’an’s call, Fang You didn’t go to class after getting up. It was already half past seven, and the girls in the dormitory were all up, getting dressed, washing up, and getting ready to go out. But Ma Liting, who was sleeping on Fang You’s upper bunk, remained motionless and had no intention of getting up. Fang You knew that Ma Liting had classes today. Thinking that she asked him about the time when the prince came to school on Sunday night, Fang You had a bad feeling in his heart.
At this time, Hu Xiaoqin and He Yunxiang were loading books into their schoolbags and preparing to go to class. She thought that once her classmates left, Ma Liting and she would be the only ones left in the dormitory. When Wang Zi’an called, Ma Liting would shamelessly want to go with them. Would she agree or disagree? With her character, she would definitely not be able to say a word of rejection; but if she agreed, with Ma Liting’s familiar character and ability to deal with strangers, it would be hard to say who Wang Zi’an’s friend would be by then.
Seeing that the books in Hu Xiaoqin and He Yunxiang’s schoolbags were packed and about to leave, Fang You glanced at Ma Liting who was still motionless. She didn’t know whether she was waking up or pretending to be asleep. Fang You gritted her teeth and grabbed Hu and He who were about to leave. , said: “Xiaoqin, Yunxiang, Wang Zi’an is coming over later, can you two accompany me to pick him up?” Before
Hu He and He could speak, Ma Liting, who was sleeping on the upper bunk, turned over and got up. Ignoring the dazzling spring light on her chest, she spoke first: “Yuyou, my class today is not interesting. I will accompany you to meet the talented Prince An and Wang.”
/Ma Liting’s words made Hu Xiaoqin and He Yunxiang who were carrying her on their backs After pouting, the two of them looked at each other, nodded together, and said in unison: “Yes, today’s class is indeed not very interesting. It would be more interesting to meet that great talent.” ”
Okay! Then we four sisters will Let’s go together and give that prince a warning.” Ma Liting said as she declared to seize the throne. I lifted up the mosquito net, climbed down from the escalator, and went to the sink outside to wash my face and mouth.
“Shameless!” Hu Xiaoqin silently opened her mouth at Ma Liting’s back. He Yunxiang snorted softly, turned to Fang You, who looked unhappy, and said, “Yuyou, why don’t you give Xia Ming a call? Last time you met Wang Zi’an, wasn’t Xia Ming also there?” She did not I don’t know, since they were separated at the stadium last time, the two of them haven’t contacted each other for several days.
Hearing this, Fang