lication of Yao Shang, what she said These two points are actually not the main reasons.

lication of Yao Shang, what she said These two points are actually not the main reasons.
/Yao Shang’s biggest concern is that her relationship with Wei Qiwen is not yet stable. Although it was much better than before, this improvement only allowed him to finally see his own existence with a straight eye, instead of turning a blind eye and feeling bored from the bottom of his heart like before.
Just like turning a negative value into zero, it is just the beginning of difficulties. If you want to further attract Wei Qiwen’s attention, you must continue to show your abilities and talents worthy of this kind of attention. Only then can you hope to step into the power of the Wei system. Circle, find a straight path to success. If just because an old leader is promoted and a new leader takes office, he has to borrow the tiger skin of a provincial party committee secretary to keep his position as director of a small county party committee office, anyone with some intelligence will understand that if he borrows this time, there may not be another one. Next time.
As the saying goes, good steel is used on the edge of a knife. Yao Shang’s ambition for an official career is not just that of a county party committee director?
Of course, this is also because this crisis is different from the last one. The last time he beat Fu Minzhi was because he wanted Yao Shang’s body. His reputation was too important to allow for too many scruples. Besides, the relationship with Wei Qiwen was still at a freezing point at that time. He had nothing to lose, so it was even more important. No scruples.
But this time, what Jiao Lin is facing is the possible difficulties and cold treatment. It is purely a conflict at work, especially the way of getting along between superiors and subordinates. It is precisely the touchstone that can best test a person’s ability.
In the officialdom of the Republic, anyone who can get along well with the leaders will not develop poorly!
Wen Liang thought further. If Wei Qiwen intended to train Yao Shang, he would probably be quietly observing her response in the dark, so the method he originally proposed to reveal his identity was definitely not feasible.
As soon as she thought of this, her gentle eyes passed over Yao Shang’s charming face, and she suddenly had a clear understanding in her heart: She asked Teng Jinglin to leave first, and invited herself to walk around the embankment and talk about home affairs together, precisely because she had thought of this. On the first floor, there are worries inside and no help outside, so I have no choice but to ask for help from myself!
/Yao Shang stopped and stood opposite Wen Liang, her long eyelashes fluttering in the wind, and her bright eyes almost making the night moon hanging high on the lake lose some of its color.
“Mr. Wen, you have helped me many times, and you may never be able to repay this kindness in your lifetime.” A self-deprecating smile appeared on her lips, but her expression became more determined, and she said, “As the saying goes, if y