ly shirkable.” No. Let’s do this. You can just stop going and say hello to my sister-in-law for me. I’ll come and bother

ly shirkable.” No. Let’s do this. You can just stop going and say hello to my sister-in-law for me. I’ll come and bother
you another day.” “Mr. Wen, don’t be so polite. You’re busy with your business. You’re busy with your business!”
Leaving Xianbei Township, When he was about to leave Yishan, Chang Cheng let out a sigh and asked, “Is this the secretary-general’s car?”
Wen Liang closed his eyes and took a nap, but when he looked up, he saw that it was indeed Wen Huaiming’s Santana and said, “Why did it happen now?” Back to the city? Let me ask!”
/Wen Huaiming received Wen Liang’s call, looked back at the Lexus following him, and said to the driver: “Pull over!”
/The two cars slowly stopped side by side on the roadside. , Santana’s car window opened, Wen Huaiming’s serious face was revealed, and he asked: “Are you going home tonight?”
Wen Liang shrugged and said: “Dad, help me ask for leave for mom. A group of friends are going to give me a day off tonight.” I’m celebrating my birthday, so I won’t go back!”
Wen Huaiming frowned and said, “Your mother has been telling me a few days ago that she wants to buy groceries for your birthday today. How dare you ask for leave?”
Wen Liang suddenly had a headache. He had been feeling really sick recently. I am so busy that I should have made an appointment with Xu Yao and the others one day in advance, but now they have come together. It is difficult to have both loyalty and filial piety!
“Well, anyway, we met, let’s go home together first, and I’ll go out after dinner!”
Wen Huaiming nodded, closed the window and stopped talking, and the two cars drove towards the city one after another. When they arrived at the gate of No. 7 Courtyard, Wen Huaiming got out of the car and told the driver: “Wander around for a while and come pick me up in two hours!” The
driver Xiaolei agreed and was about to leave when Wen Liang came over and threw one in from the window. Zhonghua said, “Brother Lei, thank you for your hard work. Let’s take this cigarette.” The
former driver, Xiao Wang, was from Feng Wenxue and had a big tongue. It took Wen Huaiming a while to find an excuse to replace him. The current Xiaolei has a very strict tone and is very smart. Wen Huaiming can use it with confidence. Wen Liang also values ??this, so when it is time to win over, he still has to win over. Small favors may seem inconspicuous, but to these people, It is a sign that your leader trusts you.
Xiao Lei just declined, until Wen Huaiming said to accept it, then he smiled at Wen Liang and said, “Thank you, this solves my urgent need.”
Wen Huaiming ignored them lazily, turned around and walked away. Wen Liang winked at Xiao Lei and hurriedly followed Wen Huaiming.
Perhaps because of his unlovable gentle personality in his previous life, his family rarely celebrated his birthday, so they just boiled two eggs and stuffed them into his backpack. As for friends, there is no need to mention them. If you can’t count them on one hand, who will care whether it’s his birthday or not? In other words