thing and continued to command the spacecraft.

David controlled the Beacon and flew to the side.
He had already observed the environment here, and there was a space mine next to him.
The space mine is huge and looks like a round steel base.
The Fenghuo docked just behind the space mine, making it impossible for the fleet spacecraft coming from behind to detect it.
Of course, only the Fenghuo dared to do this. The Fenghuo used the special pattern technology of the divine world, making the Fenghuo undetectable by various scans.
If an ordinary spacecraft dares to get so close to a space mine, it will trigger a space mine long ago.
David did not turn on the scanning device on the Beacon Fire, because the scanning device would expose the presence of the Beacon Fire.
He put part of his mind into Shadow Warrior’s body, and Shadow Warrior flew out of the Beacon, directly observing the approaching fleet in the distance with his eyes.
The fleet is very fast and has always maintained a perfect formation. This formation allows all energy shields to be shared, and the two large Thunderbolt II frigates can also drive the speed of other ships in the fleet.
It can be seen from this that the Thunder and Lightning Mercenary Group is much better trained than the Flying Scorpion Mercenary Group.
David didn’t know that most of the crew members of the Thunder Mercenary Group were from the army. When Captain Norton left the army, he took a group of crew members with him.
As the Thunder and Lightning Mercenary Group continued to expand, it also continued to absorb retired soldiers.
Coupled with Captain Norton’s command and control, the Thunder Mercenary Group maintains a combat power that can only be achieved by a military fleet.
It’s not that David has never thought about escaping by himself, but his Beacon can only travel short distances in space. There is no problem in returning to the Battle Fortress from here, but he cannot do it if he wants to go further.
Using the Beacon to return to the space fortress, not to mention whether the Thunder Mercenary Group would be waiting for him there, even if his Beacon was discovered by the military, it would be extremely troublesome.
David clicked continuously on the control panel, and soon a round hole appeared next to him.
He penetrated the round hole with his head outwards. This round hole was a launcher of the Beacon, specially designed to launch life-saving devices.
Such transmitters are found on most spacecraft and are very important escape devices.
However, David did not use the launcher to escape, but used the jet force of the launcher to eject himself.
Shadow Attendant saw that the fleet was approaching, not far from the space mine. The space mine was just a little to the left of the center of the fleet’s advance.
/As long as the distance between the space mine and the space mine is controlled, the space mine will not be triggered. The crew of the Thunder Mercenary Group knows this.
David held his breath and judged the arrival of the opportunity through the Shadow Warr