e, David will have mastered the ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’. Things are said.

“Have you mastered the ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’?” Galen Chaofan looked at David with surprised eyes and asked in disbelief.
/‘High-level armored body skills’ are available in the arsenal, but the reason why they are called ‘high-level armored body skills’ is because this physical skill requires high-level armored soldiers to practice.
Even among high-level soldiers, few soldiers can practice. This not only requires the guarantee of resources, but also requires corresponding talents and the ability to withstand the unbearable torture.
“Yes, what I practice every day now is the ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’.” David replied affirmatively.
“David, you don’t have to work so hard. Your current strength is rare among your peers!” Galen Chaofan advised softly.
He also did not expect that one day he would persuade his disciples not to work too hard.
Thinking about David, and then thinking about Furness, he had the idea of ????capturing Furness to watch David practice.
“Uncle Galen, my foundation is not good. If I don’t work hard, it will be difficult to catch up with those geniuses who have resources since childhood!” David said with a smile.
His eyes have long stopped looking at the Rock Star. Through his recent understanding, he knows how vast the Iridia Star Territory is, which is far from comparable to the barren Rock Star.
The Aridia star field has better resources, stronger education, and it is easier to cultivate super geniuses, which makes David dare not relax in the slightest.
“In the near future, I will prepare a batch of second-level enhanced meat for you as a reward for your hard work!” Galen Chaofan did not persuade him anymore, he thought for a while and said.
But David was able to become an intermediate soldier a year earlier than he expected, or even more time.
Since David works so hard, as a teacher, he must provide David with the best conditions.
“Thank you, Uncle Galen!” David was also happy in his heart. Even if he wanted to buy the second-level enhanced meat, he couldn’t do it.
“Among my several disciples, Bray failed to be promoted and will waste at least ten years. It will be more difficult for him to be promoted next time. Furness’s character is out of control. I only hope that he can grow up quickly. Although Helena’s strength reaches She has reached the peak level, but the natural physique of a female soldier makes her chances of reaching the extraordinary level very small.
Among all the disciples, you have the highest talent and are the most promising to achieve extraordinary things. It is normal for me to favor you in terms of resources! “Galen Chaofan said with a smile.
“Uncle Galen, I have an item that can increase the chance of being promoted to the extraordinary. Because there is something wrong with the way I got it, I want to give it to you for distribution!” David said, placing a sealed box that he had prepared on the table.
“There are resources that increase the chance of being