Returning to the real world, he took a comfortable bath, read newspapers and magazines for a while, and then went to bed.
Drowsily, Klein suddenly woke up and knew that someone had entered his dream.
/He saw the scene in front of him change. The sky suddenly turned dark and deep, dotted with brilliant diamonds, making people feel awe and peace from the bottom of their hearts.
In the distance, there is the sound of singing psalms, which is ethereal and neat, and goes straight to the bottom of my heart.
At the same time, the clouds moved, and the red moon was half-covered, revealing its soft light.
All of this made Klein feel as if he had entered the kingdom of the goddess of the night. He could feel relaxed and extremely comfortable in his dream.
This is when Klein suddenly understood what was going on.
This is the extraordinary man from the Church of the Night who came in the middle of the night to comfort the rich man Dwayne Dantès in a dream to heal the psychological trauma he suffered in the afternoon.
If you act like this, I won’t be able to sleep well. Klein sighed helplessly in his heart.
While sighing, Klein allowed himself to relax and enjoy the rare peace and comfort in his dreams like a normal person.
About a quarter of an hour later, he finally waited until the Church Extraordinary who came to comfort him left the dreamland.
“I can finally sleep peacefully.” Klein wanted to open his eyes habitually and fall asleep again, but found that once he no longer had to be highly vigilant and alert, he could fall asleep directly with the help of the remaining sense of tranquility in his dreams.
This night, his sleep quality was very good. It was dawn as soon as he slept. The sun was rising outside, the red moon was still there, the sky was bright, and the wind was blowing softly.
Klein lazily paused for nearly ten minutes before picking up the gold pocket watch placed on the bedside table, snapping it open and taking a look.
“Should I turn over and continue sleeping before six-thirty, or should I just get up?” Klein looked at his condition and saw that he was awake, energetic, and not tired at all. He got out of bed, washed up, and walked to the balcony. , looking at the orange-red sky.
In Backlund this season, due to the influence of the wind, the haze itself will not be too serious. In addition, there has been air pollution control in the past few months. At this time, the sky is blue and the air is fresh. Gardeners are already busy in the garden, and the kitchen The maid and the handyman were heading to the market together, and apart from them, the surroundings were peaceful. This made Klein feel suddenly cheerful. He temporarily forgot all his worries and felt that the world belonged to him alone at this moment.
With a not obvious smile, he quietly admired this scene, while from the other surrounding houses, within a quarter of an hour, two or three servants came out one after another, either carrying baskets or pulling horses, and the entire block It came alive little by little, and the