attack the thirty evil god believers.

Lionel was also exploding with all his strength. He did not want to fight, but multiple rays of light flashed out of his body and turned into phantoms that spread out in all directions. He himself also turned into phantoms and shot towards Back away.
The thirty evil god believers may be considered strong in the Interstellar Federation. The second-level evil god believers are similar to extraordinary strength, but they are facing the fourth-level sky knight.
And not just one, but a total of twelve fourth-level sky knights.
These fourth-level sky knights have no emotions. They are all killing machines. Every time the fourth-level sword in their hands is swept, an evil god believer will be cut into two pieces.
In just a few seconds, the battle was over, and all thirty followers of the evil god were killed.
It’s not that the twelve fourth-level sky knights didn’t see Lionel leaving, but they didn’t pursue him.
/The order received by the twelve fourth-level sky knights is to protect Emma. This is their ultimate order, and they don’t care even if they pay for it with their lives.
Lionel was lucky. When he chose to escape, thirty followers of the evil god helped him block it.
The twelve level four sky knights would not leave Emma too far, so Lionel successfully escaped from the villa.
Lionel couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the fourth-level sky knight was not chasing him, but he also knew that it was not safe at this time.
He has learned how to deal with Skynet’s tracking. The previous escape magic and those phantoms can cause chaos in Skynet’s tracking.
Lionel found a place under a big tree and took out a dagger. This third-grade dagger was extremely sharp for the ground.
He cut the ground with a third-level dagger, and soon dug a hole. He covered himself with soil, and then cast a magical spell to make the surface of the soil exactly the same as the surrounding soil, and no new soil could be seen. Mark of.
Lionel’s movements were very fast, and he was finished in less than ten breaths.
This was also forced out. In the divine world, if he had not used hidden methods at this speed, he would have died at the hands of noble knights or temples.
The magic hid Lionel’s aura, but he could check the situation outside through the effect of the magic.
In the sky, four extraordinary auras appeared, flying in the direction of the villa.
This was just the beginning, and extraordinary things continued to fly over Lionel’s head.
Lionel understood that it was impossible for all the Chaofan reinforcements to approach the villa from this direction, which only meant that the number of Chaofans coming this time was quite large.
No matter how arrogant Lionel was, there was a suspicion in his mind at this time that he seemed to have provoked some terrifying existence.
You must know that a total of twelve fourth-level sky knights are used as guards to guard the Queen Emma.
Such security protection is also difficult to achieve in the world of gods. Although ma