nd senses the oppression from the Zerg world.

This kind of suppression reduced the strength of the ‘Electric Scorpion Emperor’ clone, the ‘Ice Silkworm Emperor’ clone, the ‘Sky Fire Phantom Butterfly Emperor’ clone, and the ‘Dead Air Worm Emperor’ clone by about 20%, but the impact was not significant. big.
Anyway, the god level is different from the gods. The god level mainly relies on the divine body to fight, and its influence in other worlds is much smaller than that of the gods.
Another piece of good news has also arrived. Based on the knowledge of the divine pattern array inherited from the ‘Shepherd’s Road’ inheritance, the Cube Super Intelligent System has redesigned the divine pattern array that operates using eight ‘Emperor Level Heritage Patterns’.
/After receiving the news, David came to the underground base and opened the light curtain. The cube super-intelligent system projected the relevant results on the light curtain.
A new huge divine pattern array appeared on the light screen. This is a divine pattern array composed of eight nodes.
The function of this divine pattern array is to bring together the divine power generated by the eight ‘Emperor Level Heritage Patterns’ to form a divine power cultivation area.
In the future, there is no need to constantly redistribute the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’. You only need to place eight ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ within the nodes, allowing all cultivators in the Divine Pattern Array to follow their own needs. Using divine power will no longer cause unnecessary waste.
You must know that the usage rate of the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’ has always been low, because cultivation requires repair. During the repair period, the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’ is in the wasting stage.
David’s previous approach was to inject the generated divine power into the ‘Temple of Destruction’ when the ‘Emperor Level Heritage Pattern’ was not used.
But now not only the ‘Temple of Destruction’ in the Zerg world has sufficient reserves of divine power, but also the ‘Temple of Space Destruction’ in the divine world and the ‘Temple of Destruction’ in the small world of David’s soul space have stored massive amounts of divine power. .
David does not have any extra ‘Temple of Destruction’ as a reserve point for divine power, so he needs to solve this problem.
The design of the cube super-intelligent system also takes into account material issues. All required construction materials are designed based on materials that David owns or has easy access to.
All David needed to do was to build this divine pattern array on his home planet. This did not even require him to complete the basic construction work himself. He gave the order and all the god-level clones began the construction work.
It is estimated that whether it is the Zerg world or the divine world, more than ten gods have never participated in the construction.
In order to complete this huge project faster, David even summoned the clone of the ‘Shadow God’ from the small world of the divine