he Shadow Attendant again and transferred another ‘Hymn of God’ knowledge light ball from the Shadow Attendant’s body to the body of the statue in front of him.

The fifth-level soul clone absorbed the ‘Hymn of God’ knowledge light ball, and David’s perception found that the statue had a special ability ‘Hymn of God’.
This is also the most useful ability that David can assign to the idol. He does not have the ability to descend from the gods, so giving those combat magic spells is just a waste.
David entered the statue with his mind and tried to control the statue to activate the ‘Hymn of God’.
I don’t know whether it was because he was also a clone of David’s soul, or for other reasons. After the statue activated the ‘Hymn of God’, he sensed the statue in the ‘Temple of Destruction’ in the small world of the soul space. The statue also It also activates the ‘Hymn of God’ talent ability.
In addition to the ability to increase the concentration of the power of faith, the ‘Hymn of God’ talent ability also means that every idol that activates ‘Hymn of God’ will be connected with the other idols that have ‘Hymn of God’ activated through the power of faith. , forming a belief network.
In the divine world, the temples scattered throughout the world are connected through the ‘Hymn of God’ talent ability.
With the successful connection of ‘Hymn of God’, a large amount of power of faith was transmitted from the ‘Temple of Destruction’ in the small world of soul space to the Space War Temple through the faith network.
At this time, the space temple in front of us should no longer be called the War Temple, but should be called the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’.
/With the entry of a large amount of faith power, all the divine pattern formations of the ‘Space Destruction Temple’ began to be reactivated, and the ‘Space Destruction Temple’ also slowly left the ground.
Of course David cannot let the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’ rise into the sky here. Although the underground space is huge, it absolutely cannot allow the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’ to fly.
With a wave of his hand, he took the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’ into the small world of the soul space. After removing all hidden dangers, he was very relieved about the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’, but he didn’t have to worry about revealing his secrets.
David activated the space wormhole leading to the ‘safe point of the divine world’, and then stepped into it. He appeared again five hundred meters underground on Garmi.
On the other hand, the God of War in his own little world looked at the ‘Aura Locking Talisman’ in his hand with deep thoughts in his eyes.
/Previously, Lord Arthur’s aura and the three god-level auras disappeared in the divine world at the same time. The disappearance of the three god-level auras was determined by the temple’s divine aura detection system.
This divine aura detection system is very accurate. It detects the divine aura through all the temples in the divine world and has not made any mistakes for thousands of years.
Lord Arthur