bitually and half deliberately.

“Don’t play these little tricks in front of me.” The slightly old voice was not affected at all.
Leonard didn’t dare to ask any more questions, so he thought about it and said:
“Old man, I went to a real dream this time, and there were many spiritual remnants of ancient characters in it.
/“Do you know a Viscount named Maubet Zoroaster?”
“Mobet…” Pales Zoroast’s voice suddenly became much older, and then returned to normal, “That was a direct descendant of mine who disappeared after a large-scale war. I originally thought he was killed by Ah Mon or Jacob killed him conveniently, so that I couldn’t divine the murderer… Now it seems that things are not that simple.”
“Indeed.” Leonard gave an affirmative answer, and then downplayed the appearance and extracted the essence. “He has been dead for a while, with only some mental residue left. In that real dream, he and an Elf The singers got married…”
After listening quietly, Pales was silent for a while and said:
“fair enough……”
Leonard originally wanted to say that Mobet also called you old man, but at this moment he suddenly couldn’t speak, so he had to let the topic end here.
After witnessing Leonard and Audrey’s vows, Klein returned to the real world.
He packed up the altar in the room, took out a pen and paper, and drew a complex symbol that mixed “peeping” and “secret”.
He wanted to summon “Magic Mirror” Arrodes and ask how it confirmed that “Grossell’s Travels” appeared after the “Miracle City” Levished disappeared.
After waiting for more than ten seconds, the full-length mirror in the room lit up with a faint light, and there seemed to be waves of water swaying inside.
In the dark waves, silver words popped out one after another:
“Supreme, great and merciful master, your humble and humble loyal servant Arrods comes at your call.
“Do you have anything to tell me?”
/“Some questions.” After Klein answered, he didn’t rush to ask about “Grossell’s Travels” and planned to start with a less sensitive topic.
He thought for a while and said:
“Arrods, there is an abandoned castle in the Delaire Forest. There is a bronze door deep there. It seems to be sealing some power from the ground. Do you know what it is?”
As soon as Klein finished speaking, the dim light on the surface of the full-length mirror suddenly went out and turned into darkness.
Above the pitch black, pale words appeared one after another with a liquid sliding feeling:
“I am from the underground…”
“I am from the underground…”
Seeing the pale words displayed on the surface of the full-length mirror, a sudden chill came over Klein’s back. His pupils dilated and he instinctively wanted to switch places with the Marionette next door.
In the room where the valet was, “Enuni”, who was lying quietly, opened her eyes silently.
At the same time, the scene that appeared when “Magic Mirror” Arrods answered his origin flashed through Klein’s mind:
A large amount of black viscous liquid gushes out of the holes in the ground. They twist and expand, grow di