“Sir!” The black dragon Alexis was startled, and had already restored the black dragon’s body when he jumped up.
The body of the black dragon Alexis is huge, like a hill. He grabbed the trunk of the world tree and tried to cut off the roots with his dragon claws.
This is not a dragon claw in the kitten state, but a real dragon claw. The black dragon Alexis is confident that if an ordinary god is caught by this claw, the divine body of the god can be severely damaged.
But the black dragon Alexis was disappointed. His dragon claw cut into the roots of the World Tree trunk, but the thin roots blocked the dragon claw.
“Break it!” The black dragon Alexis let out a dragon roar, and the ‘Black Dragon Power’ exploded with all his strength. He had already exerted his full strength, and golden light flashed on the dragon’s claws.
But the result was still the same, the thin roots did not change at all due to the increased power of the black dragon Alexis.
David also reacted at this time. The ‘Artifact Knight Sword’ appeared in his right hand and cut into the roots on his body.
It’s a pity that even the black dragon Alexis can’t do anything. Even if he holds the ‘Artifact Knight War Sword’, his attack power cannot be compared with the black dragon Alexis who bursts out at full strength.
David’s ‘Artifact Knight’s War Sword’ bounced gently on the thin roots. The thin roots seemed to break at the slightest touch, possessing unimaginable defensive power.
After the thin roots penetrated into David’s body, the roots approached his bones and wanted to pierce his bones. However, his bones were too hard and the roots’ plan to pierce failed. Only the bones can be wrapped.
It was very strange that this whisker clearly penetrated into his body, but his body did not feel any rejection at all.
His body did not regard the roots of the world tree as foreign objects, but actively accepted the existence of the roots of the world tree.
“Alexis, there’s no need to try again, let me see what it does?” David said, stopping the black dragon Alexis’s useless efforts.
The black dragon Alexis had a strong unwillingness. He did not expect that his soul would gradually recover and his strength would become stronger and stronger. Today, even the thin roots cannot be destroyed.
The lives of David and the black dragon Alexis are one, and they have a master-servant contract. Once something happens to David, the master-servant contract caused by David’s current soul will backfire, and the black dragon Alexis can survive. The chances of coming down are not high.
Of course, even if there was no such reason, the black dragon Alexis did not want anything to happen to David during these days of getting along with him.
/“Sir, be careful!” Black Dragon Alexis knew that the reminder was meaningless, but he still said.
“I don’t feel its malice, maybe it just wants ‘immortal vitality’!” David said as if to comfort himself.
David tried to extract some ‘immortal vitality’ from the bones. Just as he thought, the ‘immortal vitality’ was absorbed complete