Although the three fleets combined are more powerful than the entire naval force of the Alpha Kingdom, it is not just the fleet that affects the outcome of the war.
Gathering more eighth-level masters or mobilizing air power can help in the battle.
“Send a few ships over, light the spiritual lamps to test, and try to lure the ghost ship first.
If these guys are lured out, the rest of the battle will be worry-free. ”
Several worthless supply ships were honored to accept this cannon fodder mission and slowly wandered around the edge of the fog.
This scene happened to be caught by Hudson flying from the sky.
Even with such poor acting skills, I want to lure out my own ghost ship, but I’m not afraid of wasting time and losing troops.
As soon as the mocking expression showed, reality began to hit his face. Hudson clearly sensed that the ghost ship was approaching.
“The spirit lamp!”
Recognizing the origin of the mysterious black smoke, Hudson’s expression changed drastically.
This thing is not a good product.
According to ancient records, the spirit lamp is a sacred object of an ancient cult. Once lit, it is very attractive to the soul.
The more souls it swallows, the more powerful the spirit lamp becomes.
Because the production process is too cumbersome and the use is too vicious, it has long disappeared in the long river of history.
Specifically how it was made, Hudson didn’t know. Anyway, the fuel was corpse oil.
The Holy See has taken out all these things, no wonder it dares to announce to the outside world that it will definitely destroy the ghost ship.
Without any hesitation, one person, one dragon and one bear landed directly on the deck of the ghost ship, and three ghost kings hurriedly came out to greet them.
Before the leader Ghost King could finish his words, Hudson interrupted: “Stop moving forward immediately and turn to Poison Dragon Island to collect poisons!”
Poisonous Dragon Island is full of poisonous insects and is a strictly forbidden place for strangers to enter, but ghosts are obviously not included in it.
Unless it is poison that acts on the soul, it will have no effect on spiritual bodies like them.
It can be seen that the three ghost kings are very conscious of being slaves. Although they don’t know why, they still accepted the task honestly.
On the outskirts of the Sea of ​​Mist, the smoke from the burning spirit lanterns made everyone on the ship feel elated, but there was still no sign of the ghost ship, and the faces of the three fleet commanders became ugly.
“Perhaps the ghost ship is too far away and cannot sense the situation here. Send someone over to extinguish the spirit lamp!
That thing is too evil. If it continues to burn, there will probably be no survivors on the ships sent out. ”
Harmody said with a solemn expression.
Evil weapons are evil weapons after all. Even evil weapons such as spirit lamps that target spirits can have a great impact on ordinary people.
In just a short time, the soldiers on the ship lost their consciousness