hur launched a frontal attack, which frightened both Admiral Francis and Speaker Gould who were watching the battle.

If it weren’t for the fear of Lord Arthur being distracted, Speaker Gould would have wanted to use the contact circle to persuade him to come back.
At this time, David’s blood was boiling. He had become the legendary level, and he was still a complete legendary level, which made him want to vent.
After seeing the scene of five billion Zerg gathering, although he was wary of fifteen level five Zerg, he was not too afraid. He wanted to try his true combat power, and the level five Zerg in front of him was the best. target.
The black armor automatically covered David’s body, and six chains stretched out from his back, which were the artifact ‘Chains of Death’.
Anyway, he had already offended the God of Death, so he simply let go and no longer concealed the fact that he had the artifact ‘Chain of Death’.
A fifth-grade light long sword appeared on his right hand, and a fifth-grade shield appeared on his left hand.
At a distance of one hundred kilometers, David charged towards fifteen level five Zerg from one side, and fifteen level five Zerg from the other side were also charging towards him.
In particular, David’s aura was felt by fifteen level five Zerg. This is exactly the breath that the Zerg god is looking for. Why doesn’t this make the fifth level Zerg crazy?
David, who was speeding up the ‘Silver Winged Dragon’, suddenly felt a trace of space energy fluctuation.
This space energy fluctuation is extremely weak. If he hadn’t possessed the ‘space pattern’ and his perception of space energy was far superior to that of other people, he would not have been able to detect this space energy in advance.
Without any hesitation, under David’s order, the ‘Silver Pterodactyl’ disappeared with David on the spot, and then appeared hundreds of meters away.
And just when David’s figure disappeared, a huge space blade appeared and swept across his location.
This is when the ‘Space Beetle’ takes action. A distance of one hundred kilometers is only a short distance to the ‘Space Beetle’ and is completely within its attack range.
It’s a pity that the ‘Space Beetle’ met David, who also had space ability. Even though David’s space ability was not comparable to that of the ‘Space Beetle’, his spatial ability foundation was extremely strong.
David was also shocked. The most terrifying thing about the ‘space beetle’ just now was not the terrifying attack power of the space blade, but the concealment of the attack.
But even like this, he couldn’t sense the ‘space blade’ of the ‘space beetle’. He didn’t know this attack method until the attack was over and he saw the space blade appear.
The distance between David and the fifteen level five Zerg quickly reached two thousand meters. Within this distance, five purple flames flew towards David first.
Even in space, this level five extraordinary flame is still terrifyingly powerful.
/David’s thoughts moved, and the two ‘Death Chains’ in front of him flew, scatterin