used the sneak attack of two level five ‘Electric Beetles’ and counterattacked them.

Although they had seen David snipe and kill level 5 Zerg from a distance before, and even defeated Lord Ludwig in a duel, when they actually saw him kill two level 5 Zerg with two consecutive swords, all the Templar Knights were stunned. It’s the horror in my heart.
“What power is this?” Lord Ludwig asked in the knight’s battle formation.
No Templar can answer this question. There are many Templars who have never heard of even the legendary level, let alone the power of rules.
The fifth-level Templars are not qualified to perceive the rules, and they cannot even understand the rules of the power of the black dragon.
/But they knew in their hearts that General David must have special abilities, and the golden afterimage was a manifestation of the special abilities.
David’s spirit swept across the two level five ‘Electric Beetles’ and put the bodies into the space ring.
Although the spoils on the battlefield are jointly owned by the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation, and will be distributed according to the agreement after the war, this does not include the fifth-level Zerg corpses killed by the strong ones in the front during the battle.
The death of two level five ‘Electric Beetles’ did not weaken the insect tide. The insect tide quickly filled the previous vacancy, and David was once again plunged into battle.
/However, at this time, David clearly felt that he was fighting easily. After mastering the rules of the black dragon’s power, he was faster and more powerful. He suddenly reached the intermediate legendary level from the beginning of the legendary level.
There was originally a strength gap with the Zerg in the insect wave, but now the gap was even wider, which made the Zerg’s movements slower in his eyes. He could easily kill any Zerg even without using his ‘Swordsmanship’ talent.
At the federal command headquarters, General Francis’ face was flushed with excitement. He saw General David kill two level five Zerg with his own eyes.
Admiral Francis, or everyone in the Federation, including the extraordinary ones, did not see the danger in the battle just now. The Federation’s overall strength was too low, and it was normal that they could not understand a battle of this level.
But they could understand that David killed two level five Zerg with two swords. This meant that General David had reached or even exceeded level five in terms of both long-range combat capability and melee combat ability.
Due to the order given by General Francis, almost all military light screens showed the scene of General David killing two level five Zerg.
From the strange appearance of two level five Zerg to General David drawing his sword, it only took one breath, but this breath of time raised the federation’s individual melee combat capabilities to unprecedented heights.
“Master Haywood, do you think you can learn General David’s swordsmanship?” Admiral Francis asked, looking at a Chaofan who had never had a sense of prese