would not be able to affect him.

In particular, David did not dare to get too close to the temples, let alone that kind of god-level battle.
What David was most worried about was the awakening of the God of Death. He had never received this news before.
Speaker Gould took a huge risk by informing David of the news. Only the top brass of Twilight of the Gods and the five major temples knew about the Death God’s awakening.
If it weren’t for Speaker Gould’s special status, the temple would not have leaked this news to him.
Once the news of Death’s awakening is leaked, the consequences will be horrific, and all kinds of panic are inevitable.
In fact, when the God of Death wakes up, the harm it can cause is only the back-up plan that was previously arranged. It is not realistic to cause any huge damage in the divine world.
Because as long as the God of Death dares to leave the small world, even for a breath, he will be captured by the temple network spread across the divine world. The God of Death will also become a sacrifice to the gods in the temple like many awakened gods in the past.
Naturally, Death’s awakening can speed up the birth of his followers, but the growth of believers also takes time, especially when all the fifth-level bishops of Death have been killed, it is not easy to train new fifth-level bishops.
According to the judgment of the five major temples, the God of Death will lurk for a period of time, slowly develop believers, and rely on the faith generated by the believers to accumulate enough divine power to promote a fifth-level bishop.
Therefore, the five major temples are concealing the news about the God of Death. David has good relations with several temples and has not received any news.
“Lord Arthur, what happened?” Alexis, the black dragon, felt David’s emotions and asked through the master-servant contract.
The black dragon Alexis’s perception is very sensitive, and David’s emotional fluctuations in his perception have a certain relationship with him.
/David thought of the black dragon Alexis, and the worry in his heart was reduced a lot. It is true that the God of Death is very scary, but he still offended the God of Death.
From killing the fifth-level bishop of the God of Death, to taking the God of Death’s artifact Space Anchor Stone for his own use, to killing the God of Death’s incarnation, these were enough to make the God of Death determined to kill him.
Anyone who is worried about the God of Death will probably be worried and scared.
“Alexis, what are your chances of winning if you face the person who is imprisoning you now?” David asked.
As a person who was cared about by the God of Death, David did not want to mention the name of the God of Death at all, especially when the God of Death had already awakened.
“It’s hard to say, it depends on how much divine power he still retains. If there is a lot of divine power, and my soul has not recovered, it is probably the best outcome for both sides to lose!” Black Dragon Alexis thought about it and replied seriously.