ts to face the “Son of Destiny”. Historical experience tells everyone that a head-on confrontation with the son of luck usually does not produce good results.

After enjoying the dividends brought by “personality”, you must bear the corresponding backlash. Fortunately, this time we are only looking for the Insect King, so safety is guaranteed.
Locusts, those little pods. Even after being promoted to a Warcraft, its combat effectiveness is still at the bottom among Warcraft.
/If it weren’t for the fact that the Insect King flies fast and can command an army of locusts to fight, its meager combat effectiveness would not be taken seriously by everyone.
“Your Majesty the Governor, if the locust plague is controlled by someone, is the Insect King also controlled by someone?
The insect king is controlled by others, as long as it is willing to hide. They can completely avoid our eyes and ears, pretend to be ordinary locusts, and sneak into our southeastern province from any corner.
It is difficult for ordinary magicians to distinguish the difference between insect kings and locusts, let alone ordinary people. This will inevitably make it more difficult to find the Insect King. ”
Hudson decisively resorted to shifting the blame.
Since the royal capital said that the locust plague might be controlled by humans, it would be easy to explain why they could not meet the Insect King.
“Don’t worry, Baron Hudson. The Insect King is not that easy to control. Warcraft have their own dignity.
Even if they were forced to sign a master-servant contract, they would not be able to cooperate sincerely. Even the Insect King may take the initiative to reveal the identity of the controller.
/Next, we just need to tighten our defenses. I believe that the great Lord of the Morning will protect his believers and will never let the locust plague continue! ”
Earl Pierce replied formulaically.
It’s all correct nonsense, even the target of blame has been chosen. If the Insect King cannot be caught, it’s because the Lord of the Dawn doesn’t bless him, and it’s not because he, the governor, doesn’t work hard.
These are still not enough. The locust army, which seemed to never have enough to eat, not only devoured the crops, but also the weeds and leaves in the fields.
The locusts devoured everything they could, and the army passed by, as if the whole world had fallen into deathly silence.
After escaping the front of the locust army, the noble lords organized serfs to go out to hunt the remaining locusts.
The scattered army of insect hunters had despair written all over their faces.
“This is the year of disaster!”
Old farmers with a little bit of experience know that in such a disaster year, not being starved to death is the greatest luck. Wanting to have a full meal is simply a dream.
Without any surprise, the nobles issued orders to reduce rations. Not only did the food standards of the serfs drop, but the food standards of many small nobles themselves were also forced to drop.
Even though they were given the broth at this m