dwards is now over 150 years old and has used five guitars in his life. Each of his guitars has his own unique symbol.

“Nice guitar!” David nodded and said with a smile after seeing the history of the guitar.
“No, I don’t see any love in your eyes. What a pity for this guitar!” James shook his head and said.
But this was a bet that had been promised to David a long time ago, and since he had promised it, he would not go back on it.
“Also, can I come to you to learn heavy axes in the future?” James looked at David with hopeful eyes.
It turned out that he brought David to the military club, partly for the bet, but also partly so that David could guide him in the virtual world of the military.
Now David has stated that he will not enter the virtual world of soldiers, which makes his idea of ??learning heavy axes from David come to nothing.
Taking the opportunity of sending the bet, James made a request to David through this formal visit.
“I don’t have much time. If you come here once a week, I can only find out the shortcomings in the mastery of the heavy ax for you. The rest has to be done by yourself!” David did not refuse. This was to repay Fox for his extraordinary skills. mentioned with help.
“Great, thank you. I know this bothers you too much, but my heavy ax mastery has never been improved, and you are the strongest heavy ax master I have ever seen!” James said with great joy.
After James left, David looked at the guitar in front of him, with a helpless smile on his face.
/This is not Rock Star after all. Although there are cultural pursuits in Rock Star, those pursuits occupy very little part of life.
On Rock Planet, a valuable guitar is not as practical as a weapon that can protect oneself, or some green vegetables and fruits, which are more valuable to ordinary people than this guitar.
But on Lenka, the bet between the soldiers was a guitar, which seemed incredible to David.
In his opinion, the most important thing among soldiers should be weapons and equipment, secret techniques, etc.
Looking at the search results just now, David began to look up the price of this guitar very realistically.
If you don’t know, other guitars belonging to Edwards like this guitar have previously been auctioned for more than 30 million credits, and the most recent auction price for this guitar has reached 55 million credits.
/Even though David is worth billions, looking at the old guitar in front of him, he still can’t imagine why it has such a high value.
Of course, he won’t sell the guitar. Emma will have a concert soon, and she will probably like a new guitar.
Thinking of this, David put the guitar back into the box, placed the box in the study, and then continued to work on the smart system.
It wasn’t until the new day off that David successfully installed and debugged the smart system, which was many days later than he expected.
The most important reason for this is the problem of knowledge reserve. Fortunately, he can learn the relevant books very quickly. When the three masters are exposed to new knowled