appetite. With such treatment, it is no wonder that its body will inflate like a balloon.

“We can’t go on like this. When Cang Yue’s father entrusted him to me, he didn’t ask me to raise him a second ancestor. He asked the Su family to send someone as soon as possible. Within this month, I want to see more information about this little cat. The training plan of the white wolf.” Returning the little meatball wolf that tried to please and lick his hands back to Zhang Qingxue’s arms, Zhu Peng was always not optimistic about this kind of creature that takes the “cute” route, because this style of creature will be in the end of the world. Among them, the first ones often die.
Just approaching slightly, Zhu Peng frowned slightly when he saw Zhang Qingxue’s embarrassed appearance, barely daring to move, but turned away without saying anything. It was not without reason that Ouyang Pan and Zhang Qingxue were summoned tonight. In order to completely stabilize the morale of the blood army, Zhu Sansan took advantage of the attack by the insect beasts outside the city and specially held a large-scale event in the name of Zhu Peng. The purpose of the banquet was for Zhu Peng to take his concubines to participate. On the one hand, it showed Zhu Peng’s perfect state of vigor and vigor, and completely eliminated the delusions and thoughts that some people who do not know life and death should not have.
On the other hand, I also hope that the appearance of Zhu Peng’s concubine can slightly neutralize her excessive majesty and evil spirit.
/Chapter 417: Beauty’s scheming, after all, I don’t understand
Just like Zhu Peng was famous for being lustful and lustful a few years ago, but no matter what achievements he achieved, in the eyes of his opponents and even allies, he would be inexplicably less of a threat. A person with strong cultivation is already terrifying enough. , and a person with strong cultivation and no character flaws is no longer simply terrifying, but will form an unbearable pressure.
As Zhu Peng’s trusted lieutenant, Zhu Sansan naturally didn’t want her immediate boss to put pressure on the world and make the world full of enemies, so she deliberately arranged it. Tonight, there would be singing, singing, dancing, fine wine and golden bottles, which can be said to be as luxurious as it comes.
The purpose is to remind the monks of various sects of Zhu Peng’s past reputation for being greedy, lustful and unscrupulous in amassing money. It would be best to recreate the “grand scene” of Qinglong City where he gave gifts to women and almost destroyed Zhu Peng’s mansion. For the head of the sect, a young man who possesses absolutely powerful power will undoubtedly appear more cute if he has some “flaws”. At least these flaws can allow them to sleep.
Zhu Peng, who was dressed in a priest’s black robe, only slightly decorated with gold and silver threads, was walking in front, but Ouyang Pan, who was always quick to respond, did not follow quickly. At this time, she was dressed in gorgeous clothes, and it was obv