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Many of the comrades contacted had already gone to bed, and it took a lot of time to get dressed and ride bicycles. The assembly was not completed until 8:58.
The town government compound was brightly lit, and there were more than 200 people, including police and joint defense team members.
/Xiao Xu, the legal captain of the branch, and Zhou Zhengfa, director of the town’s Comprehensive Management Office, greeted everyone to line up and stood neatly, which looked spectacular.
Han Bo is not a member of the town party committee and cannot give orders. Instructor Chen Xingguo announced the action plan on behalf of the town party committee, and Secretary Jiao made the final speech.
Secretary Jiao looked back at Han Bo and then said: “Comrade Chen Xingguo just made it very clear that our job is to work closely with the party members and cadres of each village, knocking on doors and asking questions, and find out who we are responsible for. “Gather a crowd to ask, have you seen that woman?”
The “Corpse Recognition Notice” is of little use. No matter how many times you post it, people won’t be interested in reading it, and they won’t be able to remember it after just one glance.
More than a hundred cadres, teachers, doctors, nurses, and company employees who were summoned urgently all thought that they were looking for the whereabouts of the abducted women, and that the operation to rescue the abducted women was about to begin. No one connected it with the “Corpse Recognition Notices” posted everywhere. stand up.
“Comrades, everything that needs to be explained has been explained. It is exactly 9 o’clock now. According to the deployment just now, take action immediately!” ”
The police and joint defense team members of the branch roared in unison, and the massive investigation operation officially kicked off.
Liangzhuang, Liangdong, Liuzhong and Liuxi villages are nearby, so you don’t need to take a car, you can ride a bicycle there. Each village goes to a group of twelve people, including one police officer or two joint defense members.
Villages far away from Laoliangzhuang took the branch police car or the van temporarily requisitioned by various enterprises, and went to Dinghu Lizhuang Yongyang to take a large truck. The police, joint defense team members and other comrades stood in the carriage, and the town leader who led the team sat in the deputy drive.
The troops were divided into more than a dozen groups and set off at the same time.
Dinghu is located in the center of Liangzhuang Town. Han Bo did not sit in the town government like Secretary Jiao, drove the traffic police pickup truck to clear the way for the truck convoy, and rushed to Dinghu himself.
As soon as he arrived at the Dinghu Police Station, Qiao Xingwang’s phone number came. Inquiring about the progress of the operation to find out the missing persons here is like being the commander-in-chief of the project.
In any case, this is also a manifestation of “responsibility”.
Han Bo opened the car door and rep