r many years. I have never lost my temper before.

But at this moment, it was noon.
Suddenly, Ningjiang Town, which originally seemed peaceful, suddenly emitted bursts of light pink mist of unknown origin. A faint blood flashed in Zhu Peng’s eyes, and he saw that the sky above the entire Ningjiang Town was covered by a huge shrouded in pink magic circle. A qi movement that was different from the ordinary yin and yang dual cultivation method began to operate. Although it was a bit overbearing, even Zhu Peng, who had mastered the yin and yang dual cultivation method, had to admire the wonderful movement of qi.
/Pink light fell from the sky like light rain under the influence of the magic circle. In the eyes of cultivators like Zhu Peng, the energy and luster shone with an eye-catching light, as if a peerless treasure had been unearthed.
However, this is not the case for mortals. All mortals in Ningjiang who were contaminated by the pink light and rain mist experienced strange changes and fiery emotions in their bodies.
After a while, business in the brothel in Ningjiang Town was extremely booming. The inn that was originally quiet had a large number of men and women come to shop in broad daylight for no reason.
The market that was bustling just now was now deserted. Zhu Peng also noticed that the kind old lady who was selling tofu on the street was dragged into the house by an old man selling salted fish. Zhu Peng couldn’t stop him, so he could only wish secretly: “Uncle, don’t show your waist.”
Chapter 807: Evil Taoist Technique, “The Divine Art of Holding Pillars”
The huge evil yin and yang array circled and operated above the sky in Ningjiang Town. The comment “The imitation of the yin and yang array swallows the sky, and men and women are not taboo” is by no means a casual comment.
The crystal pink formation diagram has only a small aphrodisiac power of the downward spell, but it subtly erodes the minds of hundreds of thousands of people in Ningjiang Town, making them confused and confused without knowing it, and even addicted to it, completely eroded by the evil yin and yang. , turned into “array scum”.
Threads of power fell like light pink drizzle. After causing confusion in the entire Ningjiang Town, the spring-like yin and yang aura rose up and poured back into the formation after a moment. The power conversion rate was close to One to one hundred million
In other words, this evil yin and yang array only uses a little bit of power, and after a moment it can be converted and catalyzed to absorb 100 million times the power. If this array is allowed to operate day and night repeatedly, dozens of people in Ningjiang will be destroyed in less than half a year. Tens of thousands of men and women will die of energy exhaustion.
“This book “Five Dragons Holding the Pillars” is truly an evil miraculous technique. It uses all one’s life to crush people into dregs and practice it. It’s no wonder that Yun Zhonghe’s mind can survive for thousands of years and he can still cultivate to the Buxu realm. ——It’s almo