about for a while.

It seems that my perfect ideal of being a secretary but not a secretary will finally come true. Thank you to the Supreme Heaven and the Three Pure Ones.
“Boom boom boom” three fierce and bright thunder suddenly flashed through the originally calm night. The terrible thunder that followed almost instantly shattered Zhu Peng’s eardrums. The rice wine Zhu Peng was holding leisurely in his hand almost spilled. go out.
Zhu Peng was startled and quickly looked out the window, only to find that there was no sign of imminent rain in the dark night sky.
(Oh my God, the Sanqing Dao Patriarch is above, and the disciples are just talking casually. You must not take this kind of thing to your heart, Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.)
“Boss, what are you looking at?”
A soft and charming voice came from behind. Zhu Peng turned around and said casually: “It’s nothing, I was just praising – my mom.”
A jade-like girl in a cute maid outfit is standing behind him. This French beauty is currently wearing a Japanese maid outfit with white front and black back.
The black corset extended upward to support the lower edge of her plump chest. Her heavy breasts were straight, and the slender white lace silk clung to the periphery of her chest, wrapped around Xuenen’s fragrant shoulders, and clung to her fair skin. The flawless back is tied to a black silk corset.
Black lace high-end sexy stockings wrapped around her pink and slender feet. The high stockings extended to halfway up the girl’s thighs, almost covering her entire pair of legs.
Four black lace suspenders extend from the stockings on the silky inner thighs, which are tied to both sides of her sexy black lace thong. This lace thong is embroidered with countless exquisite laces.
/The white cap covered with lace on the girl’s head swayed as the girl walked forward, and her soft and boneless waist looked even more slender and attractive under the restraints of the apron belt.
The gorgeous skirt unfolds like waves, and the white garters emerge from under the skirt, wrapping the legs as slender as snow jade, outlining the wonderful curves, from thighs to calves, the whole thing is unmistakable, making people feel pity for them. With violent desires, the most eye-catching thing is that there is a big pink bow tied on the chest.
Looking at the pretty beauty in front of him, Zhu Peng’s heart beat fiercely for a moment. He clearly wanted to speak, but his throat felt like it was on fire and he was seriously lacking in water.
For a moment, I couldn’t even utter a complete sentence, I could only let the intense desire spread wantonly in my heart.
“Beautiful, you are simply the most perfect art at this moment.”
/It took a long while before Zhu Peng uttered such a word. Just such a word made the beautiful Lena’s jade-like cheeks turn red with embarrassment.
But the girl still walked around in front of Zhu Peng very happily, and then asked with a chuckle: “It’s really so beautiful, do you really like it that much?”
“I like it. I really like yo